Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/16/2015 – Gerald Casale, Jo Koy and Hunter Atkins

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/16/2015 – Gerald Casale, Jo Koy and Hunter Atkins

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Gerald Casale, Jo Koy and Hunter Atkins

Recorded 06-15-2015 – Release Date 06-16-2015

Production Number #1595

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Adam opens the show with Jo Koy making his return to the show, BB plays a #TopDrop of him shouting “What the Fuck!” and says it’s appropriate today.

Adam plugs Jo’s dates and Jo shares an anecdote about some hardcore fans with a custom “Joy” sign, Adam is now talking about asking hair and makeup chicks for the tiny bandages to cover up shaving nicks.

Adam wants to know why they don’t have room for such a small item, BB and Jo are both weighing in and Adam realized he should’ve had tweezers with him.


Jo is asking Adam about his construction work and if he had all of his tools at all times, Adam is bringing up the Vietnamese guy Dan who was the first contractor with Vietnamese ethnicity on ‘Catch a Contractor’ and now Jo is playing Dan.

Adam has a funny “why you do shoddy work” and now Adam is doing a funny back and forth with Dan, Jo is killing this.

Adam is riffing about “open concept” and has a solid ‘Oasis’ reference aimed at BB, Jo is on fire as ‘Dan the Vietnamese contractor’ and tells Adam to fuck his own ass.


They’re wrapping up the hilarious riff and Adam explains how Skip’s use of “balls” set Dan off.


Adam is now doing a Live Read for Draft Kings


Hunter is now joining them on the show again, Adam says he was following him around doing a piece on him for Forbes Magazine.

Hunter thanks Gary for his face time with Adam, Hunter explains the goal of his piece on Adam and comments on Adam making himself whole via these Paul Newman race cars.

Adam has a killer point about how he first bought one of Paul’s cars and then jokes with BB about buying his car, implying he’s near death.


Hunter is back on the line and explains that people should read it online, he plugs the piece and included a bonus segment for the online piece.


They wrap up with Hunter and now Gina makes a point about the Newman doc and ego, Adam is going in depth on how he used tips from Tanner Foust to win at Long Beach.

Adam uses Tom Cruise to make a point about ego, how he raced vs. how Newman approached racing.


Adam is doing a Live Read for Trunk Club

“Some people kick tires, I sniff V-Necks” – Adam on smelling new clothes.


Jo is taking it back to Paul Newman and Adam explains how he would balance film projects with his racing life, Adam says that Paul has a lot of Jimmy Kimmel in him and liked cooking for people.

Adam is getting to the human element of Paul and how he reacted to the unprecedented success of his ‘Newman’s Own’ line of products and how he might have considered a 50/50 deal with the charity had he known how profitable it would be.

Adam is making a point about giving a nickel to charity and how they’re better off with your contributions than they were before regardless of amount of percentages.


They’re now talking about charitable organization and Adam plugs ‘Winning’.


Q and Ace

1st Caller John, he takes 10 seconds to kiss Jo’s ass and compliments Adam as well.

John is a nice guy with kind words for everyone, what a good person.

John is sharing how his latest experience in Seattle with a buddy, a beer, a joint and a concealed pistol.


John explains how they spent the day watching dogs enjoy the surf, drinking and smoking weed.

Adam is talking about his childhood and the lack of signs on the beach forbidding activities, he said it used to respect freedom and contrasts that to today.


Adam is ranting about the change away from “this land is your land” and asks who owns the beach, Adam jokes about taking back the beach and compares it to the topless protests, and he jokes about Gina needing to only whip out a single titty to make her point.

Adam is saying he would love to bring a 12 pack the next time he heads to the beach, BB jokes about him drinking the whole pack himself.


Jo is arguing about the assholes who let their dogs shit up the hallways of the condo complex they live in, Gina has a more practical and adult idea where we find the offender and punish them instead of making rules that infantilize the rest of us.

They’re all discussing the sad description of a neighborhood Adam just shared, Gina wants to know what’s sadder an abandoned mattress or children’s toy.

They all weigh in and Jo brings up abandoned cars.


2nd Caller Jeremy, he’s calling from Calcutta and Adam asks if that’s the proper spelling and Gary jokes about Caelan fucking it up, Adam wants to know why the highest guy is in charge of the spelling.

Jeremy wants to know if they ever edit the show and remove comments, Adam drops an n bomb while mocking BB and he plays a BB drop of Adam saying the word.

Gary is now defending Caelan and his modern spelling of Calcutta, turns out he was right.


Gina brings the Gadhafi vs. Khadafy name swap and Adam is now asking Jeremy what he’s doing in Calcutta, BB asks him about his business and the proceeds.


Adam is doing a live read


Adam is now calling for some Devo songs, he’s saying this was nerd rock way before Weezer, Adam says he would hear these bands early due to KROQ and their advanced playlists.

They’re now playing some Devo and Adam is discussing the ‘Tower of Power’ with BB.

Adam heads to break.


They’re back from break with Gerald Casale making his ACS debut

Adam calls him Gerry and brings up the legacy of Devo, Gerald is now making some wine and Adam asks him about his property and wine company.

Adam is going to taste some of the wine and shares his love for a Pinot Noir, Gerald made Adam a Rose Pinot Noir and Adam is complimenting it.


Adam is now plugging his own Brose, Adam didn’t know there was a dry Rose, Adam says he makes up for the fruit flavor in Mangria with alcohol content by volume.

Gerry shares how he wishes he was living Adam’s life and they get back to Devo, Gerry says it was weird to break up and he explains his partner Mark refused to reunite.

Adam is now asking about the one guy in the band who never wants to reunite and make that money sitting on the table.


Adam is now giving his take on a Man Show reunion and how he could be flipped on the outlook if Jimmy was into it.

Adam has a killer Aquabats reference and now Adam is talking about the unlikely rock and roll era that birthed Devo.

Adam is calling Devo a smart/nerd band and Gerry agrees it was the “cock rock era” and now Adam is riffing as a radio DJ about a Cock Rock October.


Adam is trying to figure out the first year he heard Devo on KROQ and he asks about that song being in a movie, he reminds Adam it was in ‘Casino’ and Gina recalls its use.

Adam says this is what makes Scorsese so great, Gina says she feels warm, fuzzy and great after drinking that wine, Adam gets another hit off the bottle and asks Gerry about the cost per bottle.

Adam is asking Gerry about Scorsese’s use of Devo in ‘Casino’ and he says he was honored, Gerry brings up how he saw Adam in an Indy car and Adam is now explaining the event.


Adam tells Gerry about how he races vintage race cars.

Gerry says he dreams of racing like Adam, Adam says the street doesn’t have the allure it has after spending time on the track, speeding on freeways isn’t fun nor safe.

Adam is back to the topic of Devo and asks him about the radio support for the band.

They’re all singing the praises of classic KROQ and their approach to new artists and music, Adam is dropping the names of some of his favorites he first heard on the station such as John Hiatt.


Adam is now ranting about ‘Maneater’ and is going on a rant about good and bad art and how people are dumb.

Adam is using his twins and their almost immediate love for Graham Parker songs, Adam is explaining how you can expose people to good and bad art and indoctrinate them to either.

Adam is back to 1972 and the early days of their nerd rock act, Adam is asking them about the initial costumes.


Gerry is telling them some anecdotes from the road, he mentions ‘Bad Company’ and Adam calls for one of their songs.


Adam is now doing a live read for Squatty Potty


BB is now playing some ‘Bad Company’ and Adam comments on their material about screwing, Adam is making new lyrics on the fly.

Adam is making up new lyrics for ‘Good Lovin Gone Bad’ and Adam is now talking about not stigmatizing everything for your kids, he explains how the best thing you could do with your kids is turn them off to booze and cigarettes by exposing them in a controlled environment when they turn 13.

Adam is now sharing the story of Dickey Barret from the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, the time he took a train to Mexico and ate peanut butter and bread on a train for 3 days while commuting home.


Gina’s News

1st Story on two separate shark attacks outside of North Carolina, Gina has the grim details and Gerry tells them that the swimmers both lost arms.

Adam is mocking the statistics about the shark attacks that take place within close proximity to shore, humans aren’t often out in the sea.

Adam says it’s sad but also a pretty good story, Adam shares how he’s underwhelmed with people and their minor stories about amputated fingers and eye infections.


Adam says you always want to hear about a shark attack, a lightning strike or sword fight.


2nd Story is on Steve Harwell of ‘Smash Mouth’ performing and becoming upset and then restrained after attendees threw bread at him.

Adam says he likes Steve and is now riffing about being hit by bread and being pissed about the lack of olive oil.

Gerry has some deep knowledge of the band, Adam is praising Steve and says he’s a very nice guy and says the band has good karma.


Gina brings up the time Jack Silver sang ‘All Star’ three times a in a row, they’re now playing a clip of Steve ranting.

Adam is talking over the clip of Steve losing his shit.

“Big dudes don’t like to get hit by croutons!” – Adam


3rd Story is on the winners of China’s first armpit hair completion, Gina shares the details on the contest and BB wants the criteria for competing.

Gerry is sharing the recent turn against the shaved look, Gina says that dudes who shave their armpits freak her out.

Adam is now talking about the fashion trends of the various past few decades from the 60’s onward.

Adam is now using ‘Cinderella’ and ‘Nirvana’ to make a point about the pendulum swinging back around every so often in society when it comes to aesthetics and mainstream cultural trends.

Adam is snatching the rest of BB’s booze that Gina proclaimed the best she ever had, Gerry must be proud.


4th Story is on a Brooklyn “Micropenis contest” and Gina has all of the details of the contest and the winner, Adam has a killer Kobiashi twist and Adam is now talking about this being a new thing.

Gerry is praising his love for Adam on Loveline and desire to guest on the show, why was he never on?

Gina says she didn’t know in reply to Gerry, Adam talks about ‘Family Guy’ being praised for calling the Bruce Jenner transition in 2008 and he mentions how he was onto it in 1998 a decade sooner yet he cannot be called a pioneer.


Adam is doing a Legal Zoom Live Read


5th Story is on John Stamos DUI arrest, she has the details regarding his arrest and Gerry is now asking about the car he was driving.

Adam has a funny “Driving while Blackie (Parrish)” joke, Gina wraps up the news.


Adam is commenting on knowing of Blackie despite never watching ‘General Hospital’ and BB is unaware, Adam never watched that show, Gina says she’s been on the show but never seen it.

She mentions Rick Springfield and Adam tells her about fighting him in the nude for ‘To Hell and Back’ and nobody is telling him we have a clip of this.

Adam is breaking down the plot and he moves on.


Adam is doing a Quick Books Live Read


Adam promises to play that clip tomorrow and they wrap up the show, Adam is giving out the plugs and Gerry must come back, he was a delight!