Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/15/2015 – Adam Scott and Jason Schwartzman

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/15/2015 – Adam Scott and Jason Schwartzman

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Adam Scott and Jason Schwartzman

Recorded 06-14-2015 – Release Date 06-15-2015

Production Number #1594

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Adam is opening the show with a new #TopDrop from Lisa Lampanelli, Adam is telling them about watching Adam Scott and Jason’s movie that was shot entirely in Adam’s house.

Adam references Jason’s cock and now Matt Fondiler is on mic giving Adam’s schedule to the gang, Adam has Matt plug his latest projects by clarifying what the calls are for.

Matt lays out an intense schedule, Matt starts his Tuesday schedule and BB jokes about the poor Road Hard backer who gets this less than refreshed version of the Aceman.


Adam is now lamenting his experience trying to get home from Torrance the other day, Adam is mocking other people’s “get home math” and how it often reflects and unrealistic commute.

Adam is joking about the Cesar Chavez street title that always corresponds with a crappy area, he cites the MLK boulevards that are often unpleasant streets too.

Adam is now breaking down Los Angeles area housing options and the relative commutes associated with each one, Adam talks about the one humiliation he’s never faced.


Adam is talking about the company softball game and describes the medium to well-built guy who gets everyone to come in closer after an initial swing.

BB is talking about his decline in softball performance since the tumor and shares the story of Richard his college secret weapon.

Adam is now talking about taking a bad swing and faking a late start can fool the opponents into sleeping on your game.


Adam is bringing up his old TiVo’s and how Lynette has been gathering up his old interviews, she had his 2nd appearance from 2005 and he says this as if he expected there to be one from 1999 with his first appearance, but that was recorded on VHS if recorded at all.

Adam actually already had the 2005 Letterman appearance, it’s on this archive at the shop.

Adam talks about the two experiences he had doing ‘The Late show with David Letterman’ and how he forgot Ricky Martin was the musical guest on the 2nd appearance.


BB is telling them to put the video on Adam’s YouTube channel, Gary wisely points out the possible rights issues.


Adam is now doing a live read for

Adam is sharing how the MCT oil is the best canary in the coalmine for the temperature of your fridge and explains what he means.


Adam is mentioning the mashup with Uwe Boll they have, they’re now playing Dawson’s work even though he’s not there today.

They’re now reacting to the mashup and move on.



Q and Ace

1st Caller Dan, he’s got some kind words for everyone and brings up the insane chunk of change his mother’s house sold for, Adam is talking about the actual number of 650k, though he was hesitating to say anything on The ADS #245

Gina has a point about Mike August possibly being guilty of the type of people who try to weasel into things, Adam’s saying that August is different and says open a warehouse and see who doesn’t come asking for favors or space.

Adam says he’s ecstatic to say he had no feelings about asking his mom for cash, he’s so far removed from getting things from his family he couldn’t even look at a Paul Newman car parked on her lawn, he’s so removed emotionally from that idea.


Adam is now doing a Jack Threads live read

Adam promise to wear his new stuff to the next live show

BB says thanks to the fans who came out and supported him at his most recent book signing, Gina shares how she almost called in sick as she wanted to see Channing Tatum at a pride parade celebration.


Adam is talking about the time he got sunburned when they dressed up as the Village People for a Pride Parade for the old Kevin and Bean Morning show on KROQ in the mid/late 90s.

BB shares how he learned of his accelerating baldness after spending a day in a pride parade and getting a pus filled sunburned skull.


2nd Caller Keith, he brings up the plotline from ‘Rocky III’ and the real life Sugar Ray fight as discussed on the show previously, Keith shares how he knew a security guard working the fight and reveals that Mr. T was working as head of security for Sugar Ray.

Adam is now talking about a ‘Bar Bouncing Competition’ on TV and how Mr. T became famous for winning it, Adam is now sharing his struggle to pronounce Jason’s last name.


Adam is doing a Z Clip Live Read

Alleviate wallet sciatica edition

Adam heads to break.


They’re back from break with Adam Scott is making his 3rd appearance on the ACS, he was first on ACS #51 (feat. Adam Scott) and then came back for ACS #218 (feat. Adam Scott, Brittany Snow & Jay Glazer) and he was never on the KLSX ACS, though his wife did fill in as the Newsgirl.

Adam guested on Loveline twice in a very short amount of time, becoming one of the last generation of great guests during the final year of the Adam and Dr. Drew era.



Jason Schwartzman has never been on the ACS nor the KLSX ACS that ran from 2006-2009, he was on Loveline in 2002 but Stryker was filling as the host, he and Ace were like ships in the night, his former band ‘Phantom Planet’ guested in 2004 but he wasn’t present.


Adam plugs their new movie ‘The Overnight’ and the limited theatrical release, Adam says it was the toast of Sundance and BB jokes about Adam almost getting into the festival kinda.

Adam talks about Adam Scott’s wife Naomi and how glad he was that he was never creepy with her nor offensive, he dispels the notion of Adam the crew being sexist.


Adam is talking about the movie and how the acting and cinematography makes the film look much larger, Adam didn’t like the part where Jason explained he built the house out.

Adam reveals the Recylarolla made its film debut in the background, Adam and Jason both had a great time making the film and praise the beauty of the location and construction.

Adam talks about how Jason is local and how he along with Drew and Adam himself are the only guys actually from Los Angeles.


Adam asks the guys what they have coming up after this movie, Adam Scott tells theme about this movie ‘Krampus’ he’s doing and Adam talks about they’ve both worked pretty much nonstop for the last decade.

Adam is now calling for the scene from ‘Gremlins’ where Phoebe Cates character explains why she hates Christmas.

Adam is now explaining the setting and they play the scene, this has been covered on the show a few times including once in late 2008 on the old KLSX show to great effect.

“He’s into Chimney Corpse Porn” – Adam on Gizmo’s reaction in the scene.


BB says that’s a funny scene and Adam asks why that made it into the final product, everyone has the opposite reaction and seems to like that scene.

Jason tells them about Howie Mandel being the voice of Gizmo and BB claims that Barbara Winger is the voice of E.T.

Adam says if he could have any creature it would be 22yr old Phoebe Cates, Jason is telling them about his latest projects.


Adam is asking Jason if he just looks at himself as a creative person and Adam Scott is praising Jason’s creativity, Jason says he’s not good at going to bed.

Adam is now sharing how he’s not either and it only leads to tomorrow beginning, Adam is paining a beautifully tragic picture of the end to a hard day and the beginning of another and the desperate attempt to take some late night time for yourself.

Jason is asking Adam Scott about getting in shape for a movie while filming in Australia, he’s saying he needs time to drink coffee and watch something before leaving for work.


Adam is sharing his recent horror of waking up to a nonfunctional coffee maker, Adam is saying you need a jewelers loop to read the writing on the buttons and display.

Adam is saying he put hot water into a cup and added some grounds till his water turned brown, Adam laments how the coffee maker worked for his wife later.

Adam shares his love for analog machinery and tells Jason he’s not good with the modern tech/computer filled devices.


Adam says you need knobs for machinery and components.

Adam Scott is talking about the buttons on his small BOSE Bluetooth speaker, Gina brings up the lag and they both know it well.

Adam is joking about their first world problems and now Adam is asking them about their kid’s ages.

Gina asks Adam Scott about his kid’s feelings regarding zip lines, they’re asking him about Sonny and his dislike for the activity and thrill seeking in general.


Adam explains how his kids are finally at “fetching age” and it’s all paying off, he tells the gang about Sonny grabbing Lynette a beer.

Adam is describing the tub that his wife ordered to keep all of his son’s balls and sports equipment in order.

Adam is sharing how he told the kids to transport the carrier, Adam told his wife to shush to let the kids have a teachable moment.


Adam Scott has a solid anecdote about his son, funny payoff.

Adam talks about his kid’s personalities and how they were locked off at 6 months, Adam says the die is cast in your kids, you can only fuck them up.

Jason shares his attitude about his daughter and her interests, Adam gets to the eventual resentment element of forcing your kids into things they don’t want to do.


Gina asks about kids who are interested in things they’re terrible at, about how long you let them delude themselves and waste time.

Adam uses his son’s track and field activities to make a point, Jason asks about how close Adam’s kids are and he describes their typical roughhousing.

Adam says that his kids wrestling is the purest form of being a kid and can’t be replaced by technology, Adam Scott brings up blanket forts and Adam says that when you become a parent and wants to know why no the immediate answer was for all of his childhood plans and ideas.


His kids wanted to sleep in the living room and he was totally for it, Adam realizes that Jason’s mom is Talia Shire and now Adam is asking about their upbringings and Jason says he is nervous that his daughter is properly respectful of his role.

Jason shares his “I’m a pretty cool guy” line he used with is daughter to make her reconsider her behavior, Jason now shares an anecdote of his father and his quiet look of disappointment that he used to make him quiet down.

Adam Scott is back to the story of asking his son to get him some fucking towels and now Adam is getting to his snappy dad voice he busts out once in a while, BB adds “fuck your shit up” and Adam is telling them to use the voice to get the kids to behave.


Adam is now asking the guys if their kids ever ask him to get them things, to reverse fetch and Adam Scott shares his own experience with something like this.

Adam plugs the movie once again.

Jason asks Adam how long that house took him to put together and shape up into its current condition, Adam shares the origins of him and that house, he said he saw the house when visiting Jimmy and shares how he bought it without consulting his wife.


Adam shares the never told detail of pestering Jimmy’s daughter for info about the neighbor kid and the family who lived in that house.

Adam is going super in-depth on that house and now is telling the guys about the concept of ‘Envelope houses’ and makes a point about cars and how efficient the car cabin is in comparison to the average house.

Adam is getting to the process of figuring out how to situate the house, Adam is further going in depth on the process and Jason is telling them about an energy audit he had done at his house.


Adam is doing a Castrol Live Read

Adam bathes in motor oil variant

BB is now sharing some trivia with Jason about his mother and her career.


Gina’s News

1st Story Her top story is on Rachel Doleza and Adam has a nice reaction to making your kids do things you don’t want them to do.

BB is taking credit for predicting this new wave of transracial issues and Adam thinks he came up with it, BB suggests perhaps they thought the same thing, or perhaps BB took credit for summing up something Adam kinda said first or was leading to.

Gina has all of the details and Adam now he feels like we’re even for Michael Jackson and Adam says she looks like one of the future people of the Gray Race and how he longs for that time when race can no longer be blamed for anything.


2nd Story Is on Courtney Barnes whose now under arrest after a viral video with him in it led to him being caught for serial shoplifting.

Gina is now playing the clip of the viral video, Adam is describing the woman from the clip.

Adam says once in a while for a moment he has the “how do I tell my kids” thought and then immediately drops it, everything progressive is now so ubiquitous it needn’t be explained.

Adam Scott shares how his son asked if he could be a gay couple in the game of ‘Life’ and Adam is now sharing the “I want Katy Perry to be mom” conversation he had with his daughter.


Adam says that the future is him telling his kids to “google that shit” and then says “Grab me a beer and Google that shit!” which BB suggests as Adam’s next book title.


Adam is doing a Simply Safe Live Read


3rd Story is on Dave Grohl injuring himself on stage and continuing to perform after realizing he broke his leg.

Gina is describing what they’re watching and now Adam is praising Pat Smear and sharing his love for the man.

Adam says that Dave Grohl rocks so fucking hard he’s going to start hurting himself and that he’s knocking on 50 and the effects of aging might be kicking in.


Adam is asking if they can’t just do something with these stages and references the recent stories involving stage accidents.

Adam is commenting on the nerfed world we now find ourselves in and Adam is suggesting they put the inflatable slides from airplanes around the edges of stages.

Adam is now talking about the guy who swings the microphone stage, Adam Scott brings up the footage of Nirvana on SNL and the fateful guitar toss.


Jason is now sharing the story of a young kid who was lit on fire while on stage, Adam Scott brings up the Great White club fire tragedy and Adam is now saying this is a likely outcome and of course it happened.

Gina wraps the news.


Adam is doing a Dollar Shave Club Live Read

Adam plugs the founder on Take a Knee edition


Adam goes in depth on the convenience of the service and goes in depth on the security measures for razor pack refills at stores around Los Angeles.

Gina brings up the way you can fill before paying gas where she comes from, Adam Scott asks if that’s still the case today, I think it was from a different era in addition to being common in more rural areas.


Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up the show, they did great, and I hope both guys come back again!