Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/04/2014 – Jo Koy and Mike Leach

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/04/2014 – Jo Koy and Mike Leach

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Jo Koy and Mike Leach

Recorded 06-03-2014 – Release Date 06-04-2014

Production Number #1339

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Adam is opening the show with some plugs for the upcoming live shows in Phoenix, he jokes about saying hi to fans, but not for too long, just the right amount of time.

BB has a great #TopDrop from yesterday, Adam is teasing the arrival of Jo Koy and bringing up the controversy from “Gone in 60 Seconds” and Producer Gary has gone as far to track down the script to settle the argument.

Adam is now bringing up Sonny and his illness and how he usually blows off the severity of illnesses unless he has to attend a school function like his play tonight.


Adam is now making a point about people and dogs being forced to do stuff they don’t want to do, Adam has a great “Hurlyburly” joke when asked what Play he’s performing in.

“Brando was literally eating the scenery in Apocalypse now, when he hate that fly” – Adam

Adam is now joking about Brando giving his costars “cue card necklaces” and calls it the “DAG method” after Alison coins it.


Adam is getting in depth with how Sonny doesn’t want to be on stage, Adam was asking him about his career ambitions and how he’s now decided he wants to be a reptile handler/expert.

Alison is asking follow up questions and Adam is bringing up how much money Sonny has made off the “It’s just a waste of my time” ringtone.

Adam had to explain that his cash was going into the kitty, the same pool of cash that all of his amenities come from.


Adam is now bringing up the “3 takes” he gave for Sonny and he’s explaining the concept.

Adam is now asking Alison about her appearance on “@Midnight” and she’s spoiling it for him, she’s building it up again, finally she says it, she lost.

Adam is using the plots of Adam Sandler movies to nullify any argument about spoilers in media and how anyone could probably write a dissertation on one of his movies after only seeing the trailer.


Adam is telling Alison about her stiff competition, she’s going in depth on the arbitrary point system that Chris Hardwick uses on the show, it’s also super edited and makes little sense when it comes to scoring.

Adam is making a point about society, he’s using a conversation with Dax Sheppard from Jimmy Kimmel’s wedding, Dax said he “podiumed” which meant 3rd.


Adam is now doing a live read for Draft Kings.

Adam is now telling the fans about the signed books and why he doesn’t want to become Larry Miller, he’s now waxing poetic on Ebay and the clutter of life that most people have.

Adam is using his Aunt Pat’s milk jug cozy that had been glued back into place many times, that she still uses.


Adam is wondering if there has ever been another time in history where we have thrown out so many still functional things, he’s using Natalia’s power wheel jeep and how donating it made him think of how great goodwill must be for kids now, not realizing the people who run the goodwill probably take the best items first.

BB calls Adam’s kids air hockey table “the ghetto version” he sure does like using “ghetto” as a modifier, hmmm.

Adam is asking the gang about their childhood belongings, Alison liked books, shocking!


Adam is sharing the rule about things involving batteries and joy not being allowed in the Carolla homes, I’m sure Kris and his stepmom didn’t abide by that though.

Mike Leach is now joining the show for his debut visit, he’s bringing up the trampoline scenes done for the Man Show and he’s doing an impression of Doug Deluca telling the gals to spread their legs more in midair.

Adam is now asking Mike Leach about Geronimo, the topic of his new book and Adam asks what we don’t know about the apache Indians/native Americans.


Mike is going in depth on their process and hardships dealing with Mexicans and White immigrants, Adam wants to know about conditioning and how much the apaches’ knew about their own physical conditioning.

Adam has a great airbag on horses joke and BB has a nice crumple zone topper than everyone misses, Coach Mike Leach is further telling them about Geronimo and the prejudice against the apaches’.

Adam has a killer “we could just google it” joke in reply to Mike and they’re wrapping up with him.


Adam is saying he would be a horrible Indian, he would insist upon only using the tastiest part of the Buffalo, hilarious “new York strip” comedy.

They’re now going to break after a half-hearted improv attempt.


They’re back from break with Jo making his weekly visit to the show and Adam is doing a live read.

Jo is telling them about his birthday, he’s 43 and they’re riffing on Asian’s looking youthful longer, Adam is now using the attractive blondes aging into someone unattractive to make a point about the universe correcting itself.

Jo is sharing the difficulty in finding the “Asian sweet spot” as Alison puts it, Adam is asking Jo about writing jokes and he says he doesn’t write but will try new material on Thursdays.


Adam is now using the “who’s gonna build that wall?” punchline to make a point about parallel thought, Alison has a funny reaction to Adam’s “Jumbo Shrimp” addition.

Adam is now throwing it to a live read for Man crate in the middle of asking Jo about his joke writing and storytelling process.

Adam is now bringing up the Benihana discussion from last week, Jo is now doing his character “the only Japanese chef at Benihana” great Zachary/exactly comedy mix-up and now he’s offering to cook BB’s tumor for him.


Adam is talking to the chef about his techniques, Adam is telling him about a belt trebuchet move he saw, trying to challenge him.

Jo mentions fellow Asian male comedian “Paul Ogata” when Adam brings up another Benihana chef, now they’re talking about bukake and Adam is trying to lecture the chef about decency in table conversations.

Adam and Jo are now joking about “Sake Bombs” and he’s saying it’s connected to Pearl Harbor, he’s riffing about feeling pleasure when he witnesses people taking/drinking Sake Bombs.


Alison’s News

1st Story Is an update on the V. Stiviano claims about the white men who supposedly assaulted her, Alison is explaining the first story and sharing a photo of her lacking any physical scars, Adam is talking about the battered expression and now once again commenting on how she would have manipulated the situation to get more publicity.

Adam is now using the before and after photos from the “P60 2000” aka P90X and he’s a got a great riff with Alison about muscle confusion and what that could mean for inappropriate activity at his kids school.

Adam has a killer “Hitch” reference while joking with Jo and Alison about V’s assistant, Adam has a great “Jewish performance artist” explanation for V.

Adam has a killer reference to “that guy from Cheap Trick” when talking about V’s affinity for visors, and they’re now working out why she lied about the incident and her possible motivation.


2nd Story is on the tragedy in Wisconsin involving the two 12 year old girls, who stabbed their friend in efforts to pray tribute to a fictional internet character.

Alison is reading the details, Adam has a great “Slender Man” and “Slim Jim” joke and he’s now reading the breaking news update about charges being filed in the V. Stiviano assault case.

Adam is now getting to the concept of charging children as adults, Alison is reading the details and how one of them regrets what they did.


Alison is now bringing up an episode of Dr. Drew’s podcast that she did that featured a story about kids poisoning their teacher.

Alison wants to know what we should do with these kids, Jo says they’re done, it’s done and there is no way to fix this.

Jo is joking about his own son, Adam agrees and now says that people have a problem separating the real danger of people and wiring, he’s using a vehicular manslaughter example against something insane like these Wisconsin girls.

“I got a new knife, you gotta check this out, who put the banana peel on top of the skateboard” – Adam on the first two stab wounds being accidental, but only the first two.


Adam is now using Drew’s kids to make a point about people who are unable to stab or harm others and how they could sooner dunk a basketball before doing that.

Adam is now using street beatings and violence to make a point about capabilities, Alison is sharing her take on capital punishment and her dilemma when it comes to these girls.

Jo is now trying to make a point about Adam being capable of murder and he’s arguing against it, Adam is now bringing up the Joran Van Der Sloot marriage in prison to make a point about victims’ rights and a families rights in comparison to the criminals who ruined their lives.


3rd Story Is on Legal, a new THC infused coffee and Adam is giving his take on edibles, hilarious face melting comedy and Jo is giving bad info about edibles, saying they’re instant.

Adam is now saying its’ a good idea to measure things out, “let’s not be hasty and not hallucinate” – Adam on doing mushrooms.

Alison wants to know about bad experiences on mushrooms, Adam is now going to tell the Ray and his girlfriend high on coke story.


Adam is going in depth on the encounter in the bathroom, “we both love Ray” – Coked up lady

Adam mentions riding a motorcycle while high on mushrooms, Jo is calling him out and having him breakdown the scene.

Adam is now joking about telling his kids about driving safety and BB plays the “More you Know/generic PSA” music bed.

Alison is asking some follow ups about the coked up hot chick with Ray.


Adam is now doing a live read for


4th Story Is an update on the V. Stiviano, BB is now suggesting a new version of “degree” when it comes to the law, Adam wants to know what “3rd degree” means and he’s bringing up his old Pop Warner Coach who would toss his chewed up dip at the kids when upset.

Adam is going in depth on how they would see him start reaching to his mouth reflexively when he would get pissed.

Alison is now reading the definition.


5th Story Is on Adrian Grenier, Alison is explaining that a former reality TV personality wrote a tell all book, Adam wrote down Omarosa almost randomly, Jo wants to know if Adam is doing magic.

Adam was thinking about Omarosa and Alison just referenced her, Adam is now using The Iron Sheik to make a point about V. and Omarosa.

Alison is reading the details about Adrian Grenier, Adam interrupts and he’s riffing about someone trying to read such a book 300 years ago, he’s making a point about the polar extremes in society.


Alison is now quoting the details of Adrian’s genitals and Adam is sharing his theory on trimming a lawn to make a mailbox look taller.

Adam is now doing an improv with BB, where someone is informing Adrian about the stories about him in the book, Adam is killing it.

BB has a great “drop it on her head and kill her” line in reply to Adam’s edible arrangements reply.


Adam is now trying to figure out the details of their encounter, Adam is trying to discern if she blew him, Alison is now weighing in and they talk about guys who expect sex when nudity is involved with a make out session.

Alison is reading the details about Jesse Metcalf from the book and Jo is telling them about meeting a guy from the Real World.

Adam is now riffing about mutually assured self-destruction when people both have something to lose, Adam says it’s now just game on, even with celebrities.


Adam says the Kennedy’s would’ve never gone into politics had this been the status quo during their era, no sex with strangers.

Adam is killing it, hilarious references to the Kennedy affairs and abuses of power.

Adam has a great hypothetical Justin Bieber example, Adam uses Lynyrd Skynyrd to make a point and has a great Big Bopper and Jim Croce joke tags, wow!

Slender man reference as Alison closes out the news.


Adam is now doing a Draft Kings live read.

Adam is giving out the close and wrapping the show to the “I’m a Tease” drop from Alison and her pants come of clip as well.