Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/21/2014 – Justin Halpern

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/21/2014 – Justin Halpern

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Justin Halpern

Recorded 05-19-2014 – Release Date 05-21-2014

Production Number #1330

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Adam is opening the 2nd of 3 recordings from Monday, with Just Halpern making his 2nd appearance on the ACS.

BB has a classic KLSX ACS #TopDrop from Teemu Selänne the infamous Cheechoo/Teemu songs from Dave Dameshek.

Adam is mentioning his own book tour and bringing up how disappointed he was after hearing Justin’s audiobook to only learn it wasn’t him.


Adam is telling him about the time he was listening to it while walking around Minneapolis, unknowingly late for his 7pm show.

Alison is quizzing Adam about whether or not he gets frazzled or panicked when he’s late, he explains only when it’s caused by him.

Adam is now quizzing Justin about his new basketball themed podcast, he’s telling Adam about working on “Shit My Dad Says” vs. “I Suck at Girls” which became “Surviving Jack” and now Adam is getting to the network sitcom pilot process.


Adam is bringing up the way actors are fired in between the pilot taping and going to series, Adam has a hilarious “spin in a circle and yell the N word” reply from said hypothetical fired actor.

Adam is getting to how network execs will often fire someone to prove they’re working when they don’t have an actual opinion.

Adam has a great airport security analogy about how different jobs work, Alison gets Adam to basically describe a totally random firing process.


Adam is bringing up how “I think we can beat that” is another note given by people who can’t write jokes, Adam is riffing out his book idea “not this but” mocking the producers and execs who only fuck up pilots and TV shows.

Adam is using how he would brief guests on Loveline to ease their nerves and help motivate a good performance out of them.

Adam is now ranting about the “wall of sour pusses” writing down notes, he’s getting to the taping and the dwarf who filled in as his son.


Adam is explaining how every once in a while he tries to be a human being and is now explaining how he was proven wrong/right as he always is.

Justin is quizzing Adam about the dwarf actor reading his lines back to Adam, Adam is now making a point about this was such a colossal fuck up it was almost like something out of a movie.

Adam is now quizzing Justin on working with William Shatner, Adam is now bringing up the rarely mentioned “Ringy” his onset script assistant working on the CBS pilot (?)


Adam is now doing a live read.


Hooray For BaldyWood

BB saw the new “Godzilla” and Adam is excited to hear about it, BB is telling them about going to the premier in New York City thanks to a hookup from a buddy.

BB is lamenting the fans whistling and cheering at the screening and movies in general, he’s making a point about praise being masturbatory when it’s unable to be received.

Adam is now bringing up how he’s only done that during one movie, “Sex and the City 2”, he’s now sharing the details of how he yelled “Hey Zip It!” and took back the power dynamic for all of the males, gold!


BB is sharing how small Bryan Cranston’s role was in the film, BB has a point about smaller roles and bigger names, and Alison has a nice example too.

Adam references Plentywood Montana the home of his quickly abandoned “BoobVille” idea from 1996 Classic Loveline.

BB is explaining the plot used in the movie and Adam wants to know if Godzilla has certain architecture that pissed him off, the equivalent building to Adam stepping on a LEGO barefoot.

Adam is wondering if IHop buildings would be the worst.


Adam shares his usual gripe on giant monsters and large munitions having no effect, BB says it’s worth the money and a good movie.

They’re wrapping the segment and doing a Draft Kings live read.

BB has a self-satisfied sniff about having 3 New York Times bestselling authors in one room, hilarious comedy mocking Alison and a closing college dig from ace.

They’re going to break


They’re back from break.

They’re all discussing book sales and how publishers use their books to pay for all of the other books that don’t sell, Adam calls it a microcosm of the United States.

Adam is now making a point about capturing an audience and customers, Alison is asking Justin about capturing the zeitgeist.


Adam is praising his first book and he’s telling them about making his chapters digestible for the average shit time of the probable reader.

Adam is now correcting himself about the Pitbull/lab+chow mix, mix-up he had with the video of the cat intervening to save a kid.

Alison is now commenting on Adam’s reveal about how he would take guests out of their heads preshow and Alison is sharing her own realization about how producers have thrown her off with the exact opposite behavior.


Alison’s News

1st Story Is on the cancelled Michael Sam reality show, Alison is reading the quote from Oprah’s network and his agent.

Adam is breaking down these public statements and the bullshit behind them, he’s using logic to explain that pushback led to them cancelling the plans for the series.


2nd Story Is on the suicide of the director of the documentary “Searching for Sugarman” and now Adam is sharing his take on the doc and how he was told that part of the movie was cooked.

Adam is now riffing about why working on documentaries can lead to depression, he’s got a great Quiznos punchline and funny way of describing the theme of his film.

Adam is now bringing up Woody Allen in “Crimes and Misdemeanors” and joking about dead bodies bulldozed into mass graves.


Alison is asking if depressed people are just attracted to making documentaries, Adam says he’d like to find out the least miserable job.

Alison confuses Adam with a .GIF comment and now Adam is suggesting that if you’re going to jump off a bridge you should light yourself on fire, one plus would be you looking forward to the water below to put you out.

Alison is now explaining what a .GIF is to Adam and mentioning the ongoing pronunciation controversy, Gary tells Adam it’s a digital flipbook.


Adam says he’ll go with whatever the guy who invented the word/thing that didn’t exist before calls it, he’s now working the inventor of .GIF files into his Legal Zoom live read.


3rd Story is on a new study that shows that most American’s think they are more intelligent than the average American, she’s now reading the results.

Adam likes the smaller percentage with the low self-esteem, Adam wants to know how they collected these results, face to face or anonymous.

Adam wants to know which country is the humblest and now he’s getting to the extreme tattooing going on in culture and sharing his alternate no tattoo rebel theory.


Alison is now breaking down the other data of from the survey, Adam is wisely predicting the POV of people who make over 100k per year.

Alison wants to know why people who make that much are more likely to perceive others as not effective.

BB is now bringing up the “Typo” situation and how he’s not supposed to bring it up, he’s now ranting about the 34 typos, Alison is clarifying that the editors introduced the typos, nice!


Adam is also citing the general snobbery reasoning that could be behind the answer and now Alison is sharing a reply from Jerry Springer on the show.

Alison wants to know if she lived a life absent of social media and reality TV if she would think higher of the average intellect.

Alison is wrapping up the news


Adam is now doing a live read for Valvoline, he’s giving a plug for Justin’s show “Short Corner” also on Podcastone.

They’re now wrapping up the show to a new drop from Justin.