Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/01/2014 – Rick Springfield, Mark Geragos, Matt Atchity and David Wild

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/01/2014 – Rick Springfield, Mark Geragos, Matt Atchity and David Wild

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Rick Springfield, Mark Geragos, Matt Atchity and David Wild

Recorded 04-30-2014 – Release Date 05-01-2014

Production Number #1315

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Mark Geragos is opening the show with a slightly delayed opening, he’s doing a solid job and BB is on the line from NYC where he’s promoting his book.

Alison is asking Mark about being found in contempt of court, he’s bringing up a case from last year where a guy was filming the police and they executed his dog, the video has 8 million views.

Mark now says that the Hawthorne police dept. made up a case and he’s explaining how the judge threatened him with the contempt of court, he’s explaining the “Goosey Gander” rule of prosecution.


Matt Atchity is also in studio, he’s asking about the falsified charges against the citizen whose dog was murdered by more out of control cops in Los Angeles.

Mark is sharing how the one woman who was used as a witness confessed that the cops coerced her into her testimony and she revealed it while on the stand but nobody cares.

Mark has a killer point about the two 50yr old men calling each other shitty names after leaving the court room.


BB is on the line, he sounds a bit strange, he’s telling them about his first signing at the upper west side Barnes and Noble.

BB is telling them about reading the sperm bank story from his book that resulted in a man walking out on him mid read.

Mark is now asking BB if he ever uses his brain tumor as an excuse for shitty behavior, BB is joking with them and now Mark is telling them about functional MRI’s he sends many of his defendants for.


Alison is now asking BB why the people left because the book was too raunchy, BB is explaining how the two elderly people left the show, BB is saying splooge, and Mark says Smegma and BB has a killer one liner.

Mark is now asking BB about monitoring his Amazon ranking, BB is telling them about the audiobook ranking and Mark is asking about the sales, wondering why he audio isn’t ranked highest.

Mark is now mocking the script they provided for him to plug BB, Mark is wondering about Adam’s inability to email, Gary says that Matt replies for Adam.

Mark is now mocking that and they’re all theorizing about how bitching about Matt works out if that’s the case.


Rotten or Fresh

Rick Springfield is joining them for the game, Alison is explaining it to Mark thanks to some excellent producing from Dawson.

Rick and Mark are now discussing the Hawthorne police department case, now they’re running the intro song.

Rick mocks the song saying it’s not particularly danceable and asks if that’s a real voice, wow!


1st Movie theRainmaker, Mark is getting Matt to clarify and give a guidepost movie so he can gauge what a popular/good movie is ranked at.

Super confusing round, wow!


2nd Movie My Cousin Vinnie, Mark’s all-time favorite movie and he’s now quoting David Lee Roth in regards to critics.


3rd Movie A Few Good Men, they’re all weighing in. Rick is winning by 1 point, Matt explains what people say who don’t like it.


4th Movie Legally Blonde, Alison is helping Mark and he seems to know the film well, great moment where everyone praises Dan Hedaya.


5th Movie the Devil’s Advocate, Mark says it was a great movie.

They’re now heading to break.


They’re back from break with another one of these great attack ads, gold!

David Wild is now joining them by phone to bury the hatchet regarding the twitter “feud” that David made up trying to surpass Rick’s follower count.

Rick wants to know who he is and then reveals he’s joking that he does know him, David is saying that’s he the most Rick loving music critic out there and shares the Rick Astley origin.

David is praising the Sound City documentary made by Dave Grohl and praises Rick’s performance in the movie, Rick is very thankful.


Alison is trying to work up the conflict and David is joking about aging more gracefully due to never being attractive.

They’re wrapping up with David and Rick is telling them about why he decided to write fiction, he’s telling them it’s what’s known as an “extreme novel” and explains the premise.

They’re now citing some of Rick’s reviews, including one from his mother.


Rick is telling them about his first book and they’re discussing their fathers relaxed states post heart attacks and strokes, he’s explaining that it’s the body’s way of giving itself a lobotomy.

Alison is now giving her take on pot, Rick is sharing the theory on weed alleviating boredom, the addict’s reasoning.

Mark is telling them about hitting a vaporizer about 5-6 years ago, the statute of limitations has now passed and he was driving while high, wow!

Alison is getting Mark to describe a Volcano vaporizer device, she’s seems unfamiliar.


Alison is asking Mark about his anarchy roots and how it would leave him without a job, he says he would love to live in a world where he didn’t have a profession, he’s saying it’s so ridiculous and the construct is silly.

They’re talking about Rick’s attorney Phil and joking about his fashion sense, good stuff.

They’re both now accusing Alison of giving them dirty looks and they’re lamenting the traffic on their commutes to the show, Mark is asking Rick about his favorite restaurant.


They’re now discussing the name Alison, she’s asking them about the spelling in Rick’s song and Rick has a funny Rick with an X joke.

Alison’s News

1st Story/Topic the Donald Sterling NBA ban, Mark is now going in depth on all aspects of this media drama, Alison is filling in all of the details including how she was hired to work for Sterling.

Alison is sharing why the action of Donald’s mistress disturbs her, she’s telling them about charitable organizations refunding money to him, and she has a nice question.

Mark offers up the real morality at play and says no, it’s not wrong to benefit from the money of a shitty human.


Mark is now giving his take, he thinks that Donald will fight the ruling and does say that he might be able to get 1 billion out of the deal, nice hockey team joke from Mike Dawson.

They’re discussing the old men’s club of racism that seems so foreign to younger people, Mark and Rick are bonding over how their kids couldn’t get their heads around the concepts of racism and sexism.

Alison now says we have a different definition of racism, she’s almost describing Adam’s view on racism, saying it’s antiquated, hmmm.


2nd Story Cilven Bundy, they’re now discussing his racist views and Alison is defending the right to have unpopular views, Mark says he would fight to defend that person, but does think they can get an NBA team stripped away from them.

Alison is now bringing it back to the Clippers story and the head coach’s press conference, Mark is now quoting it.


3rd Story Oklahoma inmate who died after a botched execution, Alison is quoting what Adam would say.

Mark is now giving his response, he says it’s not a good look and is telling them about a companion story about death row inmates, he says 4% of them are factually innocent and that’s too high a number for him.

Alison wants to know if it’s cruel and shares how the states are having difficulties getting the drugs from Europe who disagree with the American Death Penalty.

Mark says it’s legally cruel and unusual, he say you’ll never convince people who are for it that it’s cruel and cites the reasons why.


Mark is telling them about the innocence project and how it’s shed a new light on the idea of sentencing someone to death.

Mark says that most of the time the people that commit those most horrific crimes aren’t purely evil.

Alison wraps up the news.

Alison is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show. Mark closes out the show with some Jewish saying, and cracks everyone up.