Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04-12-2016 – Graham Rahal and Matthew Mills

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04-12-2016 – Graham Rahal and Matthew Mills

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Graham Rahal and Matthew Mills

Recorded 04-11-2016 – Release Date 04-12-2016

Production Number #1798

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Adam has the standard intro and he welcomes Gina and BB to the show, BB has a timely “Hell No!” #TopDrop from yesterday’s show.

Adam is telling them about the first time he had soul food over at the Boyd brothers place, Adam says he went and has a massage last night and BB says that Adam seemed lighter yesterday.

Adam cites some of the weird and interesting stuff he’s done with his trainer Kelly over the years, he had him bring his massage table and yoga ball at the other warehouse on noon over the weekend so they could work on some focus and spiritual stuff, carve out two hours to go get his mind right.


Adam is commenting on his hyper vigilance and setting up a cruel and ironic twist it seems, Adam says he arrived at the shop on Sunday and ran into a large man who claimed to be an editor hired by Nate to come in on the weekend.

Adam shares his startled reaction to the guy opening the door right as he was trying to unlock it from the other side.

Adam shares how the guy was trying to leave about 8 minutes into their stretching exercises, AV Ed then arrived with a 20+ ft. extension ladder he’s decided to return, he was doing the super nice “I’ll take it back” and Adam was trying to stress how they were trying to “do” something in private, hilarious.


Adam is back to the berthing exercise and how it was interrupted now the 3rd time by some rattling noise, it was the editor guy returning from lunch.

Adam and Kelly only had about 30 minutes’ left at this point, Adam didn’t want to even explain to him what was up, he says that Tom showed up.

Adam picked Sunday and the middle of the day at that shop which is usually a ghost town, Adam then scheduled a massage after the session to try and relax.


Adam talks about his scam of getting his wife the gift card for massages and sneaking 1-2 off the card throughout the year.

Adam teases what they do at massages as a topic and goes into a live read.


Adam is doing a Blinds Galore Live Read

Adam on neighbors who tell you more than they need to tell you, guy who told Adam he could see everything in his house, he means everything “weird tidbit” edition


Adam is back to his massage, Gina keeps saying rub and tug, Adam says it’s a regular place and he says every massage he has gotten ends with them telling him to drink a lot of water.

Adam is going on about how much work they put into massaging someone, the last person that needs water is the massage recipient, the person gaining the massage needs to hydrate, maybe some Pedialtye.

Adam is confused as he was asked about the deep tissue vs. the relaxation massage, he says it ends up with him getting what feels like an apricot being worked out of his back through his asshole, he wanted the easy Swedish relaxation type, it ends up with Freddie Blassie working his neck.


BB says he went to a Chinese Reflexology place, Adam is joking with BB about trying to man up and not admit to pain from a sensitive area.

Adam is back to this chick who was working his full ass cheek and “coolie” and now Adam is talking about not being uptight, he talks about her working his neck and his uncertainty if he should re-cover his butt-cheeks, Adam predicts she got an eyeful of back-sack.

Gina says Adam got molested and Adam was fine with it, more power to her if she wants to work into that dangerous terrain.


Adam is down with the butt massage, Gina asks if Adam was covered when he flipped over and he says yes, who cares and moves on, what!?

BB sets something up and Adam brings up the final Toyota Grand Prix happening this weekend in Long Beach.

Gina brings up Adam’s uncertainty when it comes to his prospects for winning the race, Gary is putting together a list of the completion.


Adam talks about comedians being seen as worthless, it’s hard to imagine them doing much else.

Adam has a list of the winners from the past 30 years, none of them are comedians in the race’s 40-year history, he says it would have to be Frankie Muniz or Jason Bateman when picking the funniest winner.

Adam jokes about Wanda Sykes and her performance in one of his celebrity races, he says he passed her on the first lap and further lists some past winners and Gina asks if that makes Adam feel better about succeeding, he says no because he doesn’t get counted as a comedian.


Adam is doing a Reverie Bed Live read

The gunite rig showed up today to spray concrete for the new pool edition


BB is now sharing his dilemma with Adam, he asks Adam about the Golden State Warriors play off prospects and the record setting season they’re having.

Adam is now talking abbot sports and the chances for parity in the modern era and how rare this achievement is, BB bought two tickets for the game about a week ago, he says he can prospect ticket scalping value for sporting events.

BB wants to know if he should flip his tickets and make 1600 profit or go see the game, Adam is joking about it with BB and Adam says go to the game, he says that people talk about their parents and where they were when the Mets won the pennant etc.


Adam is joking about his dad taking him to one preseason NFL game and how there is no legendary stuff to describe in the pre-season.

Adam predicts BB’s kid will go gay and start rooting for The Clippers, Gina has some practical advice and tells him to prepare for them to lose.

Adam argues that maybe it would be even better to be there if they lost than if they won, Adam says its’ a win either way.


Adam welcomes Matthew Mills back to the show, he was last on ACS #1729 talking about the legalization of marijuana, they have a funny “the people have smoken” saying, Adam asks about legalization in California.

Matt is cautiously optimistic and on the side of delaying until it’s ready rather than rushing.

Adam is talking about cash crops globally and Matthew brings up Almond Milk, Adam jokes about future generations laughing at us for trying to get milk out of everything.

Adam asks who is the pot friendliest candidate, Matthew mentions Bernie Sanders and his platform.

Matthew talks about how they need to rally and Adam brings up Governor Jerry Brown who is not helping things along despite his legacy and personal history.


Adam brings up Mike August and how he’s been telling Adam about the crumbling infrastructure of Irvine and how it contrasts to Orange County, Adam says Mike August has been predicting pot as the next cash crop for years.

Adam says Los Angeles and California relies on hot streaks and rides them into the ground, Adam is asking Matthew about legalization on the state, he takes it back to the national level and Adam wants some revenue estimates.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Tony, he has called into the ADS a few times and lives in Costa Rica, BB has the “Don’t Care!” drop to mock him and Tony asks about looking at the financial partnership side of this business.

Matthew talks about his company and how he views it as a long term business, he mentions the types of people and business styles they have, he says pick and choose and says it’s up to his personal agenda.

Adam is likening this to apple stock in the mid 90’s, he would get in on this now.

Adam wraps up with Matthew and they head to break.


They’re back from break with Graham Rahal making his ACS debut, they have a listener voicemail with a ‘Dollar Tampon Club’ idea from a fan.

Graham is on Take a Knee #73 and was featured in the Paul Newman documentary, they talk about cart and funny car racing and drop some famous names like Jon Froce, they talk about his daughter winning some races too.

Adam is asking Graham about the Rahal/Letterman coownership of an Indy Car Team and his refusal to take part in the documentary on Paul.


Graham talks about David Letterman and his level of attendance and participation with the team, Adam is now marveling/reeling that Letterman indeed loved Paul Newman and would have been perfect for the film.

Adam presumes that David would have refused this based on presuming it was a two-bit operation and not a professional crew and the level of film that it turned out to be.

Adam says you think you would hear about the doc, who saw it, who loved it etc., even just from the surviving family of Paul like his daughter, nope.


Adam is asking Graham if he should be on the same racing line that he uses at Laguna Seca, he explains the concept to Gina, how racers are trying to straighten the track out at every turn.


Adam is doing a Castrol Live Read

Adam mentions John Force a lot edition


Gina has a fan question about changing oil filters, Adam is joking with Graham about his Ferrari he drove to high school, it was a Subaru, an STI that Graham got and then killed the car within a month.

Graham gives a Dave’s Dave for Letterman, to sum things up and they move on to the news talking about the celebrity grand prix weekend.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on Will Smith, former New Orleans Saints player, who was shot and killed after a traffic incident.

Gina has the details and uses the term “careened” which Adam is responding to, he says he takes his F-u hand and puts it up his ass when he sizes up the guy and the car he’s dealing with in traffic and he’s intimidated by the other motorist.

Adam is sharing the story of Jack Gilardi who Gary reveal still tells the story of Adam Carolla telling him to fuck off during the Celebrity Dodger Baseball Game.


Adam shares how he told the guy to bring it and offered to kill him, Adam talks about being banned from his team and having to join the opposing team mid-game.

Adam is responding to Jack Gilardi’s reaction from the story and Adam is working that into the news story and he says go tell Howie Long to fuck off and examine the expression on his face.

Adam is mocking himself for telling one of the heads of the most powerful agents in the town to fuck off that early in their career.


Adam is doing a Life Lock Live Read

Adam owed the IRS and was paying in perpetuity, he wrote the ‘Animaniacs’ script where his wages were garnished, it was a mistake and even 7 years later it was a hiccup when he tried to buy his first home, it ruined his life for a decade.

Adam says someone needs to remind him to talk to Stephen Baldwin, who had already hit earlier in the game and was absent, Adam was told to sit down and wasn’t allowed to enter the game.


2nd Story is on Steve Miller’s critical speech upon being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Gina plays the clip of Steve talking about the ceremony and the unpleasant experience to participate.

Adam is joking about him being a blowhard and how he wrote ‘Abracadabra’ and he asks if he wrote all three of his worst songs/biggest hits.

Adam is mocking his “joker/toker song” and Gina mentions all 3 of his songs played, Gary has the details on the songwriting.


Adam is doing a Live Read


3rd Story is on Joel McHale’s LGBT shirt he wore while on stage in South Carolina, instead of boycotting the show. Gina has the clip. Adam jokes about mixing up LGBT with the Long Beach Grand Prix LBGP.

Adam is now talking about filming in landscape mode and joking about how the phones can’t transition when filming begins in one mode.

Adam is bringing up his daughter and the jump rope demonstration he did for her class, Adam is describing how he was busting out some moves and routines, he jokes about her girl scout talent show and how he now threatens to bring his jump rope to all of her events and performances.


Gina plays the rest of the clip and Adam plugs Joel’s upcoming live appearance in Seattle with the gang.

They wrap the news and Adam asks him about the racing line, he tells him it’s the same line and perhaps more important for him to maintain that line.

Adam and Graham predict red mist for this upcoming race, it will be an intense battle of former winners who all feel entitled to win.

Adam talks about competitive swimmers, Olympians and how intense they are, he says it broke his heart to beat the guy’s ass when he raced against Tyler Clary.


Adam further riffs about beating Tyler, who is now trying to get into professional races.


Adam is doing a Legal Zoom Live Read


Adam wraps up the show and plugs the upcoming final Toyota Grand Prix Race, hilarious LGBT/LBGP (Long Beach Grand Prix) mix-up callback to close it out.