Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/05/2016 – Zoe Bell and Matthew Mills

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/05/2016 – Zoe Bell and Matthew Mills

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Zoe Bell and Matthew Mills

Recorded 01-04-2016 – Release Date 01-05-2016

Production Number #1729

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Adam opens the show with an enthusiastic “Get It On” mandate and thanks the fans for spreading the word and the upcoming 7th year anniversary of doing the show.

Adam is sharing his desire to sell out The Moore Theater doing a podcast, he’s done it doing standup but he wants to do it doing this and he says it means something to him.

Adam is sharing how much he enjoyed ‘The Hateful Eight’ he says he used to look forward to Oliver Stone but it’s now Tarantino and has been for some time.


Adam is sharing his way of figuring out what the minimum wage guys are doing to get a feeling on what’s really going on.

Adam is now citing Henry Ford and eccentric rich guys and how they’re not a great barometer for reality.

Adam is talking about his kids going away for a night and how great it is to have a night off, he says they are out with their whacky aunt Ivy, Adam thinks it’s great as he never had a cool aunt like this.


Adam is talking about the way stuff doesn’t work, half of all things are automated, half are manual and don’t work.

Adam is working up to a story and brings up parking garages and ticket machines, he shares how he put his hazards on, he was struggling with the ticket and he didn’t want people behind him suffering while he struggled.

Adam is now asking why they can’t tell people to use their hazards when dealing with something where people should go around them for the sake of safety or speed.


Adam explains how he shouted for the parking attendant, this is the now infamous “I have a name” story, and Adam says this is an indicator for the downfall of society, he was newly minted 22 yr. old piece of shit.

Adam says he found out both Andrew and Brian from the other studio not only like plain hotdogs, they don’t like pie of any kind.

Adam is sharing his love of pie and explains the great lengths he’s gone to in order to get pie, the pie eating contest story of course.

Adam is sharing how he was told about one of the guys flight home, a Gal, Adam hints at dropping a c bomb but doesn’t, odd.


Adam is back to the story and Gina asks him what he said to the guy, Adam says he was willing to blow the guy and do whatever he had to do to get out of there.

Adam is sharing how he’s been tweeted about the coming El Nino storms and that L.A. is going to be flooded due to the homeless people fecal matter and futons lining the streets.

Adam is asking for an actual solution to this problem, Adam explains the City is just as responsible by oversharing for things to be dumped, the city must implement a plan to fix this.


Adam is now having Gary order Nick to go photograph the trash lining the street outside the other warehouse.

BB asks where a dump is around here, Adam jokingly says “My Mom’s house” and Gina announces she’s moving out of Hollywood, hooray!

Adam is sharing his “clean my parts” plan for 2016, he’s seeing how long he can go without a shower, Gina asks him about his body odor and they comment on the photo of the shit outside.


Adam is explaining that these poor people don’t want to pay for the dump fees so they use alley ways and residential areas.

Adam brings up Kirkland Washington my hometown and the crosswalk flags of Kirkland Parkplace, my favorite place on earth.

Adam is talking about seeing his movie on Amazon for cheap, he thinks it’s a reselling algorithm instead of what’s really going on with resellers and undercharging.


Adam is telling them about Norm MacDonald in a new commercial, they’re playing it and debating the add, Adam says it’s confusing and nobody knows that Norm is the colonel in the KFC ad.

Adam is sharing the upsetting McDonald’s commercial he saw over the break, he describes the broken logic of the ad and unlikely scenario it depicted.

Adam says it’s the same chick on the motorcycle in the commercial and now Nick is weighing in telling them about the debate over the woman in the ad, was it the same woman.


Nick was at Football Sunday and confirms what Adam was saying, Gina is now jumping in giving her take on how advertising works and how this must be the same woman.


Adam is doing a Live Read for Legal Zoom


Adam says they don’t want as much fighting and MMA as he does, he talks about the lack of protocol for removing gloves and wraps after a fight, he is sick of seeing the pulling and yanking while the guy is trying to be interviewed.

Why can’t they wait until the end, Adam explains there is a guy whose job is to cut the gloves off, nobody bothers to tell him to wait so he doesn’t interrupt the interview and ruin the thing people are watching for the sake of doing his ridiculous non important job.

Adam suggests they standardize the t shirt and hat change at the end of fights.


Adam is sharing how he got an email from Rich Eisen and comments on what it must be like for your dad to be friends with the guy who had the equivalent of Rich’s job.

Adam brings up Rich Carless and talks about the college football game over the weekend that had a blown kick as they haven’t raised the goalposts like the NFL did.

Adam is teasing the arrival of Zoe Bell and he brings up Sweet Dave from the movie, he brings up Walton Goggins who he noticed was acting like his favorite deputy from ‘No Country For Old Men’ Garret Dillahunt, BB has a gross and weird frustrated grunt as Adam informs him they have had Garret on the show but he seems to object, he was there too, I helped setup the booking to via twitter.

ACS #719 – Garret Dillahunt


Adam is back to Sweet Dave and says he’s the same old guy from ‘No Country for Old Men’ and then found out that it was the same guy Gene Jones.

Adam explains how AV Ed ruined it by telling him he also spotted Gene.


Adam welcomes Matthew Mills to the show, he’s talking to him about the new big industry of Marijuana and he’s going in depth on safe products to use in place as pesticide or harmful insecticides.


Adam brings up his buddy who had crabs and how they captured one and tried to kill it with ammonia, Adam is bringing up how you must get crab shampoo from pharmacists because they’re evil people and they want to judge.

Gina shares you can really be judged at a pharmacy, yep.

Adam is taking this back to Matthew and his product, Adam asks them about the most-baddest ass bug they’ve encountered, stink bugs.


Matthew is telling them about the long process to get this product to market, Adam is now joking about the bugs playing dead.

Adam compares the pot his mom used to smoke to the pot of todays that is full of orange hairs and dripping with honey.

Adam is now sharing a new mutt/pure bred pot analogy for modern marijuana growing and cultivation.


Matthew shares how he just got into growing about 2 years ago and Adam asks about getting some Indica pot for sleeping, is he going to change it up and get rid of the red wine and occasional benzo?

Adam is asking Matthew about legalization in California, he talks about the 2yrs of work ahead of them to figure things out, he talks about the mess they’re in out there.

Gina has a funny line mocking California and the inefficiency the state is known for, Matthew is sharing how people can invest in the company and gives out some more plugs, he shares the details of the 3-4 day marijuana vacation package they’re offering.


They head to break


They’re back from break with Zoe Bell making her ACS debut, Adam is praising the movie ‘The Hateful Eight’ and BB is explaining he saw the roadshow version.

Adam is asking Zoe about her origins in working with Quentin Tarantino and she tells them about working on ‘Kill Bill’ and Gina is commenting on her stunt work.

Adam is bringing up Quentin Tarantino’s violence against women and use of nigger and how he is able to break all politically correct rules of society and win people over.


Adam asks Zoe about the Quentin Tarantino script delivery, if she has to get it from a guy in a briefcase, funny back and forth about peeing in a cup.

Adam lists off the types of films that don’t impress him and mentions ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ and Zoe chimes in and explains how she feels the same way, she leaves a hilarious “I’m not that impressed” that will soon become a drop and probably Ace Award 2016 candidate, early frontrunner.

Adam is asking how nutty Quentin Tarantino is interpersonally, she says his genius makes you want to be around him and isn’t akin to megalomania, he would be the same guy with or without success she says.


Zoe is sharing her responsibility during the stunt work, she doesn’t do the planning and she shares a great anecdote with some funny zooming noises.

Adam is joking about the studio process and how it would ruin a Quentin Tarantino movie, hilarious and accurate deconstruction of the broken studio system.

Zoe is giving her take on Quentin Tarantino and how he responds to adversity.


Adam thinks Samuel L. Jackson has to be nominated for this movie, he takes over every project he’s in.

Adam is talking about his prediction of Christoph Waltz getting the Academy Award and how much he was talked out of winning.

Zoe is now sharing a great anecdote from working with Christoph and Gina asks her about her hospitalizations after filming, she mentions an injury on the set of ‘Xena’ when she was 19.


Adam does an Onnit Live Read

Zoe proclaims she wants ad breaks and conversational teasers in her real life edition


Zoe is now telling them about the scene she was injured in while filming ‘Kill Bill’ as teased before the live read.

Adam is now asking her about the next Quentin Tarantino project and the likelihood she’ll be in it, she talks about her unlikely part in this movie and now Adam is saying he wants to get ahold of Larry David and Quentin Tarantino and pressure them to crank out more content on the regular, using Adam Sandler and his oeuvre to shame them.

Zoe and Adam give a few more thoughts on Quentin Tarantino movies and they move on.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the domestic terrorists “protesting” the federal government by holding an Oregon wildlife refuge/office with armed militia.

Gina has all of the details and the connection to Cliven Bundy, as his son is leading this “protest” and Adam predicts more and more of this shit as the government grows.

Adam talks about the black lives matter protests and compares them to this standoff and Adam blames WACO and Janet Reno for why the FBI is holding back and not stepping in.


Adam and BB are now riffing as Militia members arguing about which building they take over, hilarious improv scene.

Adam has some solid hillbilly accent work and jokes about peering out the window, Adam is riffing up a storm.

Gary has a clip of ‘Movies Men Don’t Want to See’ from ‘The Man Show’ this was a variant episode with movies men do want to see, they play the clip.


2nd Story is on Donald Trump’s new television ad, Adam is saying he realized he talks like people talk on ‘Drunk History’ and says it’s like his daughter mocking his son, funny mimicry of Natalia mimicking Sonny.

Adam doesn’t agree with the notion that we make terrorists, he brings up the nuclear assault on Japan and jokes about not having a “Jew dog in the fight” and then Gina chimes in with how people are moving away from supporting Israel as they have in the past in this country.

Adam jokes about crimes against people from the Netherlands and mentions Anderson split pea soup, someone put their ass and balls through the cutout of the family.


Adam is making a point about the media reporting on hate crimes that only fit into a narrative they support.

Adam makes a point about Asian people and the racism of ignoring their minority status because of their relative success in all fields.

Gina wraps the news.


Adam jokes about going from Mitt Romney to Donald Trump and predicts SNL will mock the trump ad this week.


Adam is doing a Tax Act Live Read

Zoe’s not that impressed edition


Adam wraps up the show and gives out the plugs, Zoe was fantastic!