Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/15/2016 – David Windsor, Casey Johnson and Jo Koy

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/15/2016 – David Windsor, Casey Johnson and Jo Koy

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest David Windsor, Casey Johnson and Jo Koy

Recorded 03-14-2016 – Release Date 03-15-2016

Production Number #1778

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Adam opens the show to “pie day” (Pi Day) intro and he compliments the fan tweets and BB jokes about listening to the “You’re my fantasy, you’re huge” drop from Anna a couple times while alone, wow!

Adam is now talking about pi day and how people though people often tell him about the shitty tweets they get he has about a 98% positivity percentage.

Adam is talking about how most of his negative comments are aimed at his own family and he says when it comes to pie he doesn’t’ take online harassment, Adam is digging into chocolate pie and insulting it.


Jo Loves Adam’s take that chocolate pie is pudding in a pie shell, Lynette even agrees with Adam and Gina is defending a nice buttery pie crust and Adam says Chocolate is not heroin, as in there are 700k delivery systems.

Gina loves French Silk Pie and Adam is mocking the pie rankings shared in the ACS news a few years back where Chocolate took the #1 Slot.

Adam jokes about buying a case of Dawson’s beard at Trader Joe, hilarious riff about everything being a pudding today.


Adam is sharing his love for the Lemon Meringue and BB brings up the toasted element, Adam is back to Andrew and says there was a good old fashioned Mexican tard off last week in the edit bay.

Adam talks about Brian the film editor being bold with his picky eating, he shares how he deconstructed Junior Mints and Andrew walks in the studio as Adam is talking about this, Andrew has never tried them.

Adam talks about Brian deconstructing the mints into their base elements and how you can do that for everything, Adam is asks who is the insane person in the room when Brian dislikes Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.


Adam hopes that both Brian and Andrew get bowel obstructions and slump over and die in front of the computers he pays for.

Adam is bringing up his breakfast burritos and Andrew reveals he dislikes Bacon and Adam is riffing about firing these guys over their dietary preferences and how Geragos warned him against it.

Adam is now asking about cheerios and they bring up frosted and honey roasted.


Adam is now asking about Anthony Bourdain and his show, Andrew reveals he uses children’s toothpaste as he doesn’t like mint in the morning.

Gina asks about him preferring baby food over bacon, Adam says he would prefer Tyson or Purdue chicken strips.

Adam is now mocking Andrew’s film teacher who worshipped at the altar of John Waters.


Gina asks if Andrew was hired on a dare and hokes about him looking at an olive through a jeweler’s loop when they went out for Cuban food and noticed his “time machine native” style of picking through food.

Adam is riffing as Andrew working at an ice cream place, hilarious vanilla with “air grated” over it, BB jumps in as the customer and Adam jokes about Styrofoam packing peanuts after bringing them up when describing what Andrew ordered at the Cuban spot. Adam just invented an “air grater” oxygen grating device.

Andrew is telling them about working at the Ice Cream join and he shares his preferred flavor and Adam is talking about Jimmies and explains them to Gina, flavorless nothings that deliver calories into your body.


Adam says there is no Jimmies Flavor and Adam is asking him what he made for himself at the end of the shift, Adam is talking about the sundae cart on American Airlines flights and how he wants every ingredient including cat shit, he might pick it off but so be it.

Adam jokes about Dos Equis finding their new man (Most Interesting Man in The World) with Andrew and he jokes about one husky chick sitting next to him while he talks about once trying an avocado, hilarious riff.

BB jokes that he snacks on ice chips and he reveals he’s never tried a peach, Adam likes that he has never tried it, not that he dislikes it and asks what he’s even doing over there, dropping something off for Gary and Adam proclaims him an onion that you’ll never eat.


Adam is doing a Bet DSI Live Read

Adam asks BB to remind him about March Madness, not yet, not yet


Adam say the reason he likes Lemon Meringue so much is due to the ratios you must apply to your bite/fork and BB is back to the toasted Meringue part.


Q and Ace

1st Caller John, he wants Adam’s take on fighting in the NHL and he comments on how it’s not involved in football or other major sports and Adam talks about them focusing on the game, BB argues that I’s intrinsic to the game.

Adam is talking about a conversation with Peter Guber about his upbringing in Boston and how he can skate on ice for life because of it.

Adam says he was explaining to him how Hockey is usually decided by a goal, similar to life it’s often a 1-2 score and only a small margin separates you from being the winner.


Adam explains why he never played a young man due the cost of the equipment and jokes about the league integration along with BB.


2nd Caller Eric, he’s calling about Kobe Bryant and his retirement tour, Eric says he doesn’t have much of a personality and how they are trying to talk up stories that amount to very little.

Adam is talking about Soledad O’Brien reading some comments about Kobe to him during an interview and Adam says he came off charming and internalized the comments.

Adam is now bringing up what Steve Nash said about him and mocks the man’s height and the final seasons of his career.


BB and Adam are both now talking about Kobe and the way that retirement is akin to life and death, he talks about someone having to give Marge Schott’s eulogy and he’s now riffing about her love for her St. Bernard dogs.

Adam says he doesn’t know much about the man and Jo explains he hated on Kobe as he was a Seattle fan and Adam is now talking about his comments at 17 about “bringing his talents to the NBA” and Adam is now bringing up Shaq and his jovial nature.


Adam is doing a Live Read

110$ boner offer edition


Adam is sharing his theory about Kobe being a person who is unaware of how he’s perceived by others and he comments on his background and how he feels he’s not aware of being a bad dude.

Adam is talking about Don King and how he he’s truly a bad person and murdered people and stole millions, he is calculated and hides his internal monster from the cameras and the public.

Adam says that Kobe is unaware of how the other person feels when he is shouting at them demanding they feed him the ball, Gina asks about the alleged rape.


Adam says if you can rape you can play, nice “the more you know” music bed and Jo riffs as Kobe and BB has a solid one liner, Adam proclaims it not funny as they move on.


3rd Caller Steve, he wants to know where to stay in Los Angeles to experience the city, Gina tells him about the Sunset Strip and Adam is telling him about a couple spots, Gina and Jo name drop some locations and Jo jokes about him getting haunted.

Steve asks where he can get some Mangria on tap and Adam jokes about him swinging by Anna’s house to wring her out and they reveal she drank half a bottle while doing the show.

Adam is now riffing about bears getting the taste for blood and joking about her getting a taste for Mangria in the same way, Adam has a killer riff mocking the native Americans who listen to the earth.


Jo is now playing the native American who shoved his ear in horseshit.

Adam riffs about the lack of questioning the native about his tracking techniques and skill level, they all just go where he says based on what exactly.


4th Caller Travis talks about some regulations regarding street repairs and a light he must install before they can build on some property.

Adam talks about the deputy inspector that must watch you all day while building, Adam is talking about the lazy inspectors and how you must pay for the deputy inspector to come sit on the site in their truck.

Adam talks about remodeling his house and turning into a 4.6-million-dollar abode and improving the property values of his neighbors and the city they were in.

Adam explains why the city just doesn’t care and Jo shares how long it took for the city to get back to him about his pool construction.


Adam is now asking Gary for a clip of Mayor Garcetti talking about the tax rates they’re adjusting to encourage productions to stay in California, Adam critiques his use of “lazy” instead of greedy the accurate statement.

BB shares his 4,000 bill from the department of water and power claiming the meter broke and they owe that much money, BB asks if they can be on the hook and they have been paying their bill this whole time.

BB says this feels like a shakedown and Adam says he’ll ask Mark Geragos and Adam is now ranting about greedy asswipes who install red light cameras and how this stuff collapses on itself as people refuse to pay and Adam brings up the final Toyota Grand Prix, the reason it’s final is Toyota is moving to Texas.


Gina asks about the state being ok with these runaway business and productions, Adam is mocking the use of Lazy.


Adam is doing a Life Lock Ultimate Plus Live Read


Adam promotes Jo’s new podcast ‘The Koy Pond’ and gives out his dates, what’s the show about?

They head to break


They’re back from break with David and Casey making their ACS debuts, they play a listener voicemail commenting on Adam never talking about Metallica or metal music, instrumentals etc.

Adam doesn’t like metal as he doesn’t like music with a shitty attitude, same reason he doesn’t like gangster rap.

Adam is commenting on the pictures he’s seen of these guys in high school and comments on Nic Cage’s son.


Adam is telling the guests what a huge feat it is to get a show on air, they tell him about their 16yr struggle to get something to air.


Adam talks about the never ending series of insurmountable obstacles and BB brings up the Sisyphean task of the boulder being pushed up the hill and Casey says it’s that plus a bunch of executives watching you push it.

Adam talks about going from Loveline to the KLSX ACS and how Jack Silver suggested they give out the time during the show, BB does the impression and Adam asks about them working on ‘Two Guys a Girl and a Pizza Place’ and they say they were there.

Adam is asking about the series and how they transited the pizza place out of the tittle and Adam recalls being late getting to Loveline after taping the episode he did in season 2.


Adam talks about his love for Martha Plimpton and her work in ‘Parenthood’ and how all you need to say about that movie is that you love Keanu Reeves in it.

Casey is telling Adam about their current lead in and the shows on the network, Adam talks about the single camera format being synonymous with ABC.

Adam says he always felt sorry for Suzanne Somers and it might be because of her constantly hovering husband Alan Hamel, he then shares his thoughts about her time on ‘Step by Step’ and how nobody seemed to be watching and probably asked her what she was up to while she was taping the 8th season.


Adam goes in depth on the Suzanne Somers Malibu house and how she can’t rebuild as discussed on ACS #217.


Gina’s News

Adam asks for the Dianne Wiest “Hi Gary” and Gina brings up Jason Robards which gets another movie reference out of Casey and Gina tells her she loves her, it’s mutual love and that was fast over something very minor as Adam observes.


1st Story is on the L.A. County Sherriff’s open letter about nude underage selfies and Adam jokes about needing to make a phone call re: his 9yr old twins.

Gina talks about kids doing this stuff younger and younger and Adam talks about what his friends would have done with cellphone videos, they would be having this conversation in prison and he talks about the old school technology.

Adam shares how Ray would take a picture of his dick while at parties so the parents would then develop a photo of his dick.


They’re all riffing about the first video cameras they encountered and Adam talks about the storefront cameras and displays that people used to marvel at themselves in.

Gina mentions the models with backpack VCR units and Adam says we should all pull out our junk and photograph it now and flood the market, it’s our only hope.

Adam talks about the Pre-Kardashian era and the post, how we’re all PK wired, Casey talks about a lesson she tried to teach her daughter about two teen girls taking selfies for 15min on their phones.


Adam has a killer child pornography transition/joke and says there has never been a better time to be into it and Gina moves on.


2nd Story is a new clip of Richard Simmons denying the rumors he’s been taken hostage by his housekeeper, Funny Marisol name drop from Adam and great improv work from BB as they riff through the scene of Richard zip tying himself to the bed and telling her about her mistakes cleaning up after him.

Adam is talking about his mildew smelling sheets he sweats on, he now asks for some Pink berry and refuses to give her a serving but she can use his change towards her FroYo.

BB has a killer “when I was hobbling you” reference to ‘Misery’ and Adam is now asking for toppings and Adam says she still has to do her job.


Gina shares her favorite hoot of attending his jazzercise class, a very flattering photo of Gina and Adam jokes about the cootie bath he had to take that night after the photo op with Gina and her pals.

Adam is asking why we need weird robot music under the clip of Richard and BB suggests he brought his own robot music as he’s so used to it from years of working out with music behind him.

Adam says it’s the kind of music they play while you’re doing a virtual tour of condo and Adam needs to see Richard’s hair to see if he’s sane or not.


Adam jokes about Giseleda off mic/phone threating him to keep talking and say he’s safe.

Adam talks about Richard taking care of overweight people who needed him over the years and how unlike it is for him to be so sedentary in one location.


Adam talks about the gay guys we need new version of for the future, we need a new David Geffen, Adam says we need a new Richard Simmons and someone needs to go up there and give him a milking to get some of that seed.

Adam needs some Elton John seed; Adam asks “what’s Bernie Taupin up to? Bottoming?” and they continue to riff, Adam says they don’t need any more Busey jizz and they are all filled up on Jake Busey semen, BB is imagining Jake listening to this.

Adam says he’s a dear friend and Adam works Alan Turing into the seed collection, BB has a funny spoiler alert for Gina talking about Turing and his chemical castration.


Adam says that Jake Busey reminds him of Dexter from ‘The Offspring’ and Adam jokes about them taking a zodiac raft to get started on the milking as he’s updated about the other guys.


Adam is doing a Live Read for Pop TV’s ‘Shit’s Creek’

Adam and BB compliment Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara


3rd Story is on Johnny Manziel being cut from the Cleveland Browns and Adam says he acts like someone who is safe and has a money background and a safety net.

Adam thinks that the legacy of Tim Tebow hurts him and talks about his “Behymen intact” good dude morality, Gary now quotes Johnny’s father about their family’s wealth.

Adam is killing it with a riff about Johnny repairing his image and he jokes about a sitcom where Jon Gruden moves in with Johnny and he jokes about the variety of sitcom premises they could tackle.


4th Story is on a Joe’s Crab Shack that featured a picture of old style lynching with a joke about gumbo and the reaction from the public after someone complained about it.

Adam is now joking about a “wagon by/roll by” and is trying to figure out the proper tense of hang, Adam doesn’t think that’s a traditional lynching, Gina has the details on the apology and Adam jokes the problem is solved in the black communities and with racism because of this.



5th Story is on Rod Stewarts and his wife’s policy on chores and how they teach the kids values regarding money, Adam is talking about he “because I said so” that doesn’t work with kids in today’s world and now everything is bribing the kids.

Adam says his kids actually cleaned their bathroom yesterday and BB plays the drop of Sonny complaining about the waste of his time.

Adam is now explaining how his son asked if Adam ever had a Rubix cube and how he had a strong assumption that he was dumb and didn’t want a gift that made him know it.


Adam talks about his mom’s welfare money in 1975, 361$ a month.

Adam has some great from the mouth of babes comments from Sonny and he explained to the kids how it feels good to get things done outside of the bribe they’re getting.

Adam jokes about the two headed pony the kids requested today and he explains the guests how he would have thrown a fire extinguisher trough the vending machine glass to clear it out when he was 9, compared to the kids and their lack of concern for things like vending machines, they have no energy.


6th Story Is on Mary Carey’s divorce, Gina has some quotes and Adam asks about her being a little long in the boob, he learns she’s 35 and Adam comes up with a Super Bowl for Porn Stars, to force them to retire for good.

Gina has a funny NuvaRing Joke and Adam is now talking about MILF and GILF genres and how he would have let them know that “the body may go away but the crazy stays” and Gina wraps the news.


Adam is doing a Castrol Live Read

Adam share someone just tweeted him about dumping the Castrol into his Lexus.


Lindsey wants to know about switching to full synthetic oil as she drives for Uber and is riding her car hard, Adam is talking about synthetic and blends, he says you can go 10k miles on a full synthetic blend and reminds her to change the filter as well.


Adam is giving out the live dates and wrapping up the show.

Adam plugs the guest’s TV Series and Adam shares his “Don’t Do Your Best, Do My Best” advice for the guests.

BB closes the show with the drop of Adam saying “If You Can Rape, You Can Play.”