Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/03/2015 – Brad Williams

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/03/2015 – Brad Williams

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Brad Williams

Recorded 03-01-2015 – Release Date 03-03-2015

Production Number #1523

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Adam opens the show to a “Short Tales” intro from Dawson, Adam is plugging the upcoming release of ‘Road Hard’ and Brad shows up in the credits and says he donated to the package to appear in the movie, but since he’s in SAG he made more money than he put into the production.

Adam says that Brad did the move where he found a wallet and turned it into lost and found and then got to come back and claim the money inside.

Brad describes his “4D” way of viewing the movie via a digital link sent from Mike August, Brad was on the road while watching this movie about that very experience.


Brad is now pitching his movie idea about being a daredevil due to his height alone and he lists the potential dangers of everyday life.

Adam is now bringing up the guy with horrible stinky dreadlocks he was stuck behind in line while in customs over a decade ago.

Adam is saying he was following this guy’s “dread head” stink sucking up his funk.


Gina brings up and ex-boyfriend who would use peanut butter to make his dreads more dreadful, Adam has a killer attacked by a crow line and Adam is telling women to stop rewarding these douchey guys with sex.

Adam is asking Brad about picking up on sack and ass funk, he jokes about smoking and farts blowing up on him.

Adam is joking about anus pipes and is grandfather, bizarre riff.


Adam has a heavy thought for the gang.


Adam is doing a live read


Adam is sharing his heavy thought about the increase in race talk since electing a black president, he’s got an interesting historical angle and says that society is now double down on a sub conscious level.

Adam says it has permeated everything, he’s commenting on this talk not taking place at the Oscar’s in 2002.

Adam says that if Hilary gets elected it will be nonstop feminism talk, Adam says that it’s already doubling down as you hear rumbling about Hilary.


Brad has a funny “Road Head” angle and Adam says we need a rich white candidate so we can get on with our lives.

Adam is explaining that the assholes who increase this talk and race bait, they start scrambling as they fear their method of making money will dry up.

Adam says anyone named Gloria will triple down her efforts if Hilary gets elected, Adam says he doesn’t like her but it would be funny to see this proven to be correct.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Keith, he’s a huge fan and contributes regularly.

He praises Take a Knee and PO’d Cast with Dennis Miller, Adam tells them about talking with Art Alexakis from ‘Everclear’ and cites some details from his intense upbringing.

Adam is now saying that when you have kids the thought of leaving them and moving on like the deadbeat parents of these stories makes you want to kill the guys who do.


Adam is sharing a story of his daughter’s basketball game and jokes about rooting or the other team to win to keep him from having to watch her play another game that day.

Adam says he couldn’t imagine what it would be like to leave his kids behind and not be there to support them.

Adam is commenting on the time bomb of a human that is left behind in your wake, we need to judge the fuck out of this behavior. Adam says it’s the number one problem we have.


Keith compliments the RZA episode of TAK, Adam is explaining he doesn’t know these people outside of the interviews.


2nd Caller Kyle, he’s sharing some articles he’s been reading about “embracing our racist past” and Adam jokes about having his own water fountain.

Brad is asking Adam how he would feel to have his own personal water fountain. Adam brings ups his 3 half German nephews and brings ups his families legacy of sloth poverty.

Adam says the idea that he needs to own up to his past is ridiculous but for some guys, James Van Der Beek better watch out though, Adam has a killer angle here, this is very funny stuff


Adam is saying he’s not for reparations as it doesn’t help, if helped he would be for it.

Adam is sharing the details of an article he’s read on Asian families doing better in the United States than white families.

Adam is now making a point about Asian families overcoming all discrimination, you can’t slow them down because they focus on family and equation, once you start the march towards those goals you end up succeeding regardless of what anyone thinks about you.


Adam is now using Art from Everclear and the RZA to make a point about overcoming adversity regardless of skin color.


Adam and Gina are doing a Life Lock Ultimate Plus live read


3rd Caller Eric, he wants their take on his current dilemma regarding the custody of his child and the difficulties he’s having with child’s mother.

Adam this something incorrectly while putting him on hold, Adam is now quoting some of what Art told him about his father moving away and taking the family’s home away from them out of spite.

Eric is back on the line and finishing up his story, Adam is being supportive and tells him it’s damn near impossible for him to get full custody in California.


Eric asks them about the domestic violence that was going on, Brad has a funny Jerry Springer chant and Adam makes a Jerry Brown comment.

Adam is giving Eric a thoughtful way to bring this up with his ex, telling her his concerns about the child’s wellbeing.

Adam says he talked to Art about the 3 sisters the dad abandoned as well, who still carry the damage of the abandonment of dad.


Gina and Brad both have good points about this same topic, Adam says the reason his wife is a better parent than him is that you can damage her easier than him.

Adam has a funny “parts wife” riff about this TV show idea, BB is in the mix as Adam’s wife and he’s explaining the premise of replacing his wife.

Adam has a funny one liner about needing Gina to step in, Adam is now doing an improv riff with Gina as his wife.

Adam is riffing about bringing the babysitter in as the “parts wife” and they wrap up the scene.


Adam is doing a live read

“Creek’s Dry!” – Adam


4th Caller Oscar, he wants to know about keychain or car mounted breathalyzer devices for everyone.

Adam is joking about the sight of him running in place next to his car in the parking lot, trying to burn off the booze until he was legal to drive.

Oscar is asking about the 0.08 limit and Brad has a funny Belushi one liner, Adam brings up the Shabbat goy and how he would hire one for his ignition man, Adam is joking about showing up at AA meeting and kicking the tires of one of the guys to see if he’s suited for being Adam’s sober Goy.

Adam asks Brad how he is at blowing into things, Adam is finishing up the improv scene and Brad’s nailing it.

Adam asks if AA teaching him not judge and jokes about fitting him in his trunk.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on Ballet Selfie concerns and Adam brings up the various “don’t drive with your headlights/gang member initiation” urban legends.

Adam is suggesting they get one case in the press where someone was shot for having an “I voted” sticker and Adam is now telling them about the last time he voted, he said it was to vote against Gavin Newsom or something.

Adam is joking about alternate sticker options, Adam is riffing with Brad about various gangbanger movie scenarios.


Adam is doing a live read for ‘Unfinished Business’

“That is most of the week’s Brad!” – Adam

Brad is now telling them about a trip to Sun Valley Idaho and does an impression of the pilot’s in cabin announcement.

Brad says he was the sole volunteer to leave the oversold/overweight flight and Adam has a killer riff about the ominous sign of a dwarf leaving a flight and how he would leave too.

“When the fat lady sings or the dwarf gets off the Cessna” – Adam



2nd Story is on a long island man who was pulled over while driving with a fake passenger in the HOV lane, Brad is revealing that his father used to do this.

His father stole a mannequin from a golf shop, Adam jokes that the pile of Popsicle sticks with the sweatshirt he man was using is still a better actor than Jordanna Brewster.

Adam is sharing his move to illegally use the HOV lanes, where he adjust the seat all the way up and the visor down, BB has a funny anecdote form his buddy who was pretending he had a baby in the car.

Adam is now doing an improv scene with BB playing the cop and Adam playing BB’s friend, he’s faking that his daughter Cecily has been kidnapped, this is gold!

Ace Awards 2015 material.


Adam is now referencing ‘Not Without My Daughter’ and BB is nailing this cop character, Adam is mixing up the baby’s name and using Sandy, BB rolls with it excellently.

Adam jokes about him sending him an edible arrange-able (arrangement) in lieu of a ticket.


3rd Story is on ‘Jacking’ to increase the alcohol content in a drink or beer, Adam and Brad are riffing about this.

Adam is happy that every time an experiment goes wrong some new booze comes out of the deal, Gina brings up Pruno and Adam has a killer reply, nice.

Gina wraps the news.


Adam is doing a live read for Future Advisor

Adam is giving out the plugs and mentions how much everyone loves Adam Ray when plugging Brad’s podcast ‘About Last Night’ and BB closes it with a funny “There’s a black president!?” drop from Brad.