Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/03/2017 – Adam, Gina, and Bryan

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/03/2017 – Adam, Gina, and Bryan

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Adam, Gina, and Bryan

Recorded 01-02-2017 – Release Date 01-03-2017

Production Number #1978

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Adam opens the show to a great “officially demanding more from his deodorant” intro from Dawson and Lynch, Adam sounds excited and happy about the upcoming 8-year anniversary that is only brought about by the fans who keep the pirate ship afloat.

Adam welcomes the gang to the show, BB has a New Year’s inspired #TopDrop and Adam thanks Chris Laxamana for getting him a new set of buck slips for taking notes.

Adam is now waxing poetic about blank buck slips vs. the special-order ones that Chris had made up for him, Adam says he thinks people should get monogramed things and specialized editions to make themselves feel like they’ve accomplished something.


Adam is now further complimenting Chris’s design choices and he says it’s done him a huge time saver by giving him a front vs. backside of the buck slip, saving him time.

Gina points out that Chris did Adam’s best and he’s now explaining why he uses buck slips and arguing against the people who inquisitively ask why he still uses such outdated tech for note keeping, Adam has a killer “Master Buck” riff with BB about a shelved John Candy movie ala ‘The Day the Clown Cried’ and Adam brings up a “you’re wired this way” conversation he had over the break.

Adam says the person was insistent that Adam was wired to accomplish things and overachieve, he says he wasn’t wired that way, he rewired himself, humans are not durable goods, you don’t leave the factory set as one thing, the greatest gifts humans have is the potential for rewiring their brains and changing/evolving in their lifespan.

Adan and BB do a lap on realizing you’re older than someone from history when they accomplished something great, just that idle thought about your own life in comparison to those that have come and gone and done way more.


Adam has a killer polar bear joke and BB rolls with it. The polar bear who procrastinated and Adam shares a 2nd hand anecdote from Nick Santora about a story he was reading to his child, where he realized he now weighs more than a full grown male panda, which blew his mind.

Adam revealed this conversation was with a woman/girl, he is going to another layer of the wasted human potential that all of us have within, Adam talks about not being able to take care of his finances and paperwork, his legacy from his parents and their lack of interest in their own son.

Adam is now going on about owing the book room money and his diploma, Adam jokes about his fruit fly infested locker and brings up getting his driver’s license.

Adam says from 16 – 32 he probably had car insurance for about 4.5 years of that time, he says it was the most lightweight insurance possible, he had no medical nor dental nor savings account, not even a credit card.


Adam says he didn’t file for taxes when he wasn’t paid for 4 years running, he says he knew he would go into H&R block and end up owing the IRS, which he owed anyway which resulted him getting locked into one of their notorious “payment plans” and he mentions the bank of Hoven which issues him his first secured credit card for 300, which he spent 289 of on a mountain bike that he then paid off with insane interest for the next several years.

Adam is talking about 30-year-old who don’t have money set aside nor any of the shortcomings he was operating with, he was wired without ever even having traveled on an airplane as an adult.

Adam says he doesn’t know who his family is, part of his faulty wiring, he says he went back to his dad’s dad and looked at his life, he had mistresses and wasn’t that much into work, not an earner per se.


Adam talks about his grandfather dying in bus accident and BB reacts as if he’s never heard this before but the one other time it was discussed on air was the 2007 KLSX ACS Thanksgiving Episode, where Adams’ dad came in studio, played his horn and told some old stories, I can’t believe he forgot that moment, hopefully he was just reacting for new people, playing the role of the audience.

Adam goes over the life of his grandfather and his late grandmother Louise, Adam jokes about his father who is looking to downsize from 1600 feet and he mentions his dad’s various family and living situation from back in Philadelphia.

Adam is going over his father’s family and their lack of accomplishments in life, they never claimed their stake in life.


BB brings up his uncle’s use of Carollo, instead of Carolla, without any explanation.

Adam is now bringing up his mom and her parents, which led to Child Protective Services taking her to her grandparents to raise her, Adam is going over the sad state of affairs of the Carolla’s and their ambitions in life.

BB has a solid music bed of ‘Walking on Sunshine’ and Adam mocks his mother for her welfare existence which was only interrupted by her marrying a guy with a job at Lockheed.


Adam is going over his sister who has grown up and become a good person and pays her bills with her modest existence.

Adam says he was looking around at 29-30 and he was pissed about being a loser, he wanted to rewire himself and chose to do so, he was living like a day laborer and overcame his limitations.


Adam says feel free to rewire your bad parts, that should be everyone’s New Year’s Resolution, he makes a great point about his sack of shit parents and BB has a drop snafu, he apologizes for it as it’s a buzzer indicating negativity instead of Adam’s dad.

BB talks about his weight loss and procrastination, he said he had bills always going into collections, he says in mid-20’s he rewired himself and didn’t get a credit card until he was 26, wow!

Adam talks about the rental genie lift story, the story of Ray not having a credit card after Adam was turned down from taking the lift in his car, Adam shares how Ray mentioned his dead mom and how that ended his credit line.


BB talks about his crappy old flip phone and how he couldn’t’ get off his parent’s plan, he identified the weaknesses in his game and augmented them.

Gina talks about her life as the youngest child and how she figured things out during the worst three years of her life, she says she was doing all of the work and had nothing to show for it.

She’s making some great points and they wrap up the show opening.


Bet DSI – Rest in Peace Ralph Carollo edition

Adam jokes with BB about Sonny’s picks.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Ken, he’s calling from Phoenix, the “Ice Pack” guy who just had open heart surgery a few months back, he says he was dead for 20min during the procedure and he says he almost died after the operations, BB asks him about specific memories from going under and being brought back.

Adam recalls meeting him in Fontana at the race track, he was the guy who gave Adam an ice pack to cool off while racing, he brings up his life of hoarding and how he can’t get to his stuff due to his piles of junk.

Adam talks about being a tinkerer and how people hold on to things when they tinker, ala Tom Hanks in ‘Castaway’ trying to make use of everything.


Adam has some strict rules for keeping junk, Adam talks about the insane conversations he has with people at his house and brings p a full hall closet he used to argue about at a previous home, he

Adam says Lynette’s roller skates were prominently displayed and she argued about him relocating them to a closet upstairs even though she never used them, Adam wants to eliminate extra discussions that he has, that’s his goal for 2017.

Adam is talking about the freezer he had to clean out today, he was out of room and it was full of junk including freezer burned mini pancakes, the freezer was purged today with a labeler, at some point someone is going to come home and get angry with him, but he had to clean it out.


Adam is sharing how he was able to label everything, turn it over and get it out.

Adam says he’s on his 3rd full shipping container at the other shop, Adam say the other problem is that stuff used to cost something and mean something, he says that a fancy bottle of scotch with an engraved plague on the box, that would have been the best thing he owned or at least top 3 when he was young.

Adam says you must make the Sophie’s choice of “do I use this” and he says he’s going to scrap some old computers, Adam brings up old junk and paperwork, he says this is why he has his assistant sign everything, including the Telepictures contract that Kevin Smith fucked him out of, Adam says jacked him out of.


Adam says paperwork is meaningless and BB brings up how banks struggled to produce the note to evict homeowners during the housing crisis of the last decade.

Adam says that notarized documents led to him having to sign things until he got his assistant Rob made into a notary, nice!

Adam says don’t give a fuck, do what you want.


BB shares how he used to get things and save them, in boxes and brings up the white towels he saved that went to waste, he was trying to save the nice things for another day in life, Adam jokes about buying his mom a bottle of Dom Pérignon and he jokes about her “Dom Syndrome” that prevents her from sharing nice things with her family.


2nd Caller Tom, his father and he have decided to save up for the 2nd Carolla cruise, using their cigarette budget to pay for the tickets as they’ve given up smoking, BB jokes about Dawson causing them to relapse on the boat due to his smoking.


3rd Caller Paxton, he wants to be a standup comedian and he tells Adam about his level of experience, BB asks some follow ups and Adam asks for a taste of his act.

Adam tells him to hold on, he says he was thinking about the phrase “be nicer” as they have a caller with the same topic, odd timing.

Paxton now drops a joke and BB plays a funny “off the stage Fag!” drop from Adam, the 2016 Adam.


Paxton is further sharing more of his act, it’s a bit rough and there are too many words, Gina has a funny get to the punchline sooner and BB says he’s 18.

Adam says it’s impossible to judge comedy when someone is 18, Adam jokes about Paxton’s 8 minutes of material feeling longer than that, BB has a nice one liner too.

Adam is telling him to get up to 10 times per month, 10 open mics or performances total.


Adam says never do the “I gotta lost 170lbs., unless you’re Nick Santora” and shares his joke to Nick about reading his kids stories about manatees to better compensate for his own weight in comparison.

Adam teases some interesting show content and goes into an advertisement.


Blue Apron – Adam loves this stuff and means it edition


Adam shares his desire to get some betting advice from Nick Santora and he reminds everyone of how he was the guy who talked him down from betting on Christoph Waltz winning the Academy Award for ‘Django Unchained’ which cost Adam over 20k.

Adam is sharing Nick’s latest betting tip about the San Francisco vs. Seattle NFL Game, he shares how the team just barely pulled it through and he didn’t lose his money and more.

Adam is now talking about the Los Angeles Rams and their spotty track record, Adam says saying the Rams are an NFL team is like saying his mom is a standup comedian.


Gina asks about the Rams and their legacy of not having a legacy.

BB has some details and they all discuss the Rams, the lowest scoring team in the league.


4th Caller Julie, she wants a New Year’s Resolution, Adam suggests Yoga and says he’s going to be doing it this year, he comments on the 90min running time for the classes which seems daunting to him, he says he wants a 60-minute class.

Adam is now going to do the Bikram Yoga, after seeing the “inventor” on ‘Real Sports’ and Adam is now riffing about the guy and his dyed hair in a speedo.

Gina is riffing about the new age element and mindset, using a lighter tone and Adam is now telling Julie to get into buck-slipping and walking, suggesting she use Matt Fondiler as her personal stenographer?


Adam is now talking about the studies on walking regarding using both sides of the brain, Gina suggests John Williams scores for running, saying it’s very fun and adds a new element to a mundane jog.

Adam says yes to her idea but then condemns listing to ‘Poison’ and Dawson gets on mic as Adam describes a horrible song he heard ‘Talk Dirty to Me’ by the band, Adam declares if you like this you like bad music, he was listing to the 80’s satellite station.

Adam shares his “kill yourself” decree aimed at the guy who programs the 80’s channel on Sirius, Adam says it’s not even music and an insult, Gian says it’s an accurate name and Adam says his brain has been poisoned by that shit.


Legal ZoomAdam carries over the last bit edition


5th Caller Faith aka Faiph aka “Failph” from ACS #1755 gets the guys on a roll regarding the death of George Michael and they play the Rich Banks parody song about Caelan fucking up to the tune of ‘Faith’ and they get back to the caller Faith.

She wants to try and keep the kindness up, instead of being curt or cutting people off when they bother her.

Adam is now talking about his mom and her 3 modes, she’s only ever at best at 60% at all times.


Adam is now sharing his policy on insisting upon shaking someone’s hand, Gina shares her dad’s “Always Great” response to how he’s doing.

Adam tells her to attempt to do that and says her name incorrectly for fun, nice.


Gian is teasing the news and she mentions the New Year’s Rocking Eve and he’s joking about Jenny McCarthy and her insane reactions to the people telling her about their resolutions. Adam has a killer series of examples that Jenny McCarthy would reply with an “Awesome!” too.

Adam was watching it alone with Phil, predicting something was going to go wrong with Mariah Carey’s performance.

They head to break.


They’re back from break with a listener voicemail regarding black dick, Adam has a killer reply to her message about a little going a long way.

Adam gives out some plugs and they head into the news.


Gina’s News – 2017 Intro Theme variant with new lyrics

1st Story is on the behind the scenes drama before Mariah’s performance, Gina shares the reactions from the production company claiming they didn’t sabotage her performance.

Gina has some clips and Adam is asking about the lip-syncing, Adam asks if she needs to be wearing a flesh colored leotard, they are providing live commentary over the performance attempt.


Adam says it was some bizarre band fronted by Nick Jonas when he turned on the station, Adam says the band was rocking out so hard he realized they must not be playing the instruments, he says it’s a bit of a tell.

BB has a funny “you’re braking the illusion” private on stage conversation between band members comment and Dawson talks about seeing a band do something like this while playing live in Las Vegas, Adam beings up the HBO concert where Britney Spears ran up a flight of stairs while her vocal track didn’t break cadence nor stutter.

They listen to another Mariah clip and move on.

Adam is trying to figure out who this band was, Chris asks if it was ‘DNCE’ and then informs Adam it is the band fronted by Joe Jonas, Adam is telling the bands to pretend to be playing, Gina was in a cabin the woods and had a great New Years’ experience.


2nd Story is a list of celebrities who died in 2016, Adam is reacting to Dan Haggerty and talks about him lighting his beard on fire and how it should be something that happens more frequently.

Gina lists many more deceased celebrities and goes uninterrupted, Adam is reacting to wrestler Chyna and Anton Yelchin’s family who lost their son to the defective Jeep.

Gina mentions ‘Picket Fences’ in the news, rad!


Adam is now talking about how the future generations will have to mention reality show cast members, Adam says he’s done and Gina wraps it up with a few more names.


3rd Story is on the return of Ronda Rousey to the Octagon for UFC 207, Adam is doing some live commentary and he says he measures things with his two units of “whom am I rotting for” least tattoos and the person who extends their hand, a “Heil Grappler” it’s similar to a ‘Heil Hitler’ but it’s to ask if they’re going to touch gloves with ah and movement, Adam is now clarifying it’s not the lazy heil, the real heil, the daisy-cutter heil!

Adam is talking about the martial arts respect move, he says he always roots for the person who goes to touch gloves, he talks about Ronda’s intensity and the face she makes, Adam says some guys have a variation of it, he asks Nick to chime in and brings up Anderson Silva who Nick assists Adam with the name on.

Adam talks about how loose Anderson is when he gets into the cage, Nick comments about it being like he’s on the dancefloor, Adam jokes about it being like Nick specifically on the dance floor.


Adam is now talking about how some punchers can’t “get off” if they don’t get loose, you can’t snap a jab when you’re tense, Adam thinks Ronda needs to get a new boxing coach and get loose, she’s burning calories coming into the ring, lose the intensity and go with the Anderson Silva thing.

Nick is now commenting on Ronda’s coach and his proximity to them in Glendale, Adam jokes about the rarity of Armenians in Glendale with a single reaction.

Adam is now mocking the “punch more” corner advice from many Spanish speaking coaches, Adam says he gets pissed off that the advice is so simple, Adam says the other thing that pisses him off is the leftover blood on the uninjured fighter that isn’t wiped off between rounds.


Adam is now talking about black gloves vs. gold gloves and how black must be the hardest to see, a competitive advantage, he says different colors are fine.


SimpliSafeAdam lists all the guys who have it at the studio


Maxipada has a picture, from MMA, he heard UFC, Adam corrects him and says he thought UFC, Adam said boxing and suggests he stop doing that in 2017.

Adam is giving out some plugs and he wraps up the show to a failed picture attempt, Adam wants two different colored gloves, one pair black, he’s pretty clear when he speaks and observes as much.

BB plays a “I wouldn’t piss on her face” drop from Gina quoting the creator of Bikram Yoga, hilarious episode and a fine form to begin a new year, nice work gang!