Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/15/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 281

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/15/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 281

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 10-13-2015 – Release Date 10-15-2015

Production Number #281 – Pussies

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Adam opens the show with the standard intro plus an ‘Adam and Drew ridin’ again’ addition and explains how the power kicked off last night, he apologizes for being late again and explains what happened.

Adam says he’s done trying to coach people up on living better, he’s just going to try and enjoy his remaining years on the planet, Drew tries to stop and point out how huge that revelation is, Adam then explains he’s still going to foot the bill for everyone else’s lifestyle.

Adam says he woke up in the middle of the night and the TV was still going, he explains why he doesn’t like wasting the TV but gets caught up in the heat before finishing, Adam talks about the traffic on the way in.


Adam says the half croissant before where Drew comes from, they talk about some very local and specific traffic interchanges between freeways in Los Angeles, Drew and Gary confirm the traffic is much worse than usual and Adam apologizes still.

Adam jokes about removing the L from flag football and tells Drew about going to his son’s flag football practice, it was important to him and Adam showed up.

Drew asks why and Adam says this is why he wants to kill all parents who deprive their kids of the attention and love they need for their brains to grow.


Adam talks about Sonny and his method of talking, he can just endlessly go on without any feedback, and Adam is saying he doesn’t need acknowledgment nor a response of any kind.

Gary asks about the two suspended players that Sonny drafted, Adam talks about Natalia and her need for a puppy, a swimming pool, with an island in said pool.

Adam talks about her needing attention from him and Olga/Olgai and Adam explains the way his kids mispronounce things and at some point they will or won’t correct themselves or he’ll die or all 3.


Adam talks about the hole left in kids who are deprived from the attention of their parents.

Adam has a grim destruction of civilization prediction related to neglected children growing into broken adults.


Adam and Drew are doing a Bulletproof Coffee Live Read

Don’t measure the MCT oil and do not use a Styrofoam cup.


Drew is talking about helicopter parenting and using the “Hillacopter” pronunciation again, Adam jokes about the dick spinning move and doing it alongside your kid, they could be the tail rudder.

Adam jokes about Lynette walking in on this, holy shit!

Drew is rolling with the bit and they’re crushing it, hilarious!


Drew is hot, he’s back to the kids and parents and mis-attunement of parents.

Drew talks about the crazy phenomena of obsessive friend zones males upset at women who aren’t attracted to or interested in them.

Drew talks about the entitlement and denial.


Adam calls Caelan Caitlyn, a new nickname.

Adam talks about the lack of stick shift driving among modern American males, things go away in society if we don’t do them.


Adam is talking about the Esquire article about punching Bobby Jindal in the dick for commenting on the preachy father of the Oregon shooter.

Adam is asking for the article and bringing up the role an absentee father plays in an angry young man, Adam says the scary part, and the cancer is the thinking behind the column taking outrage at the comments of Bobby.


Adam and Drew are doing a True Car Live Read

Drew is getting another Porsche SUV edition


Gary has the details on the families separation, Adam says the kid is like a dog and much like a dog that gets loose and hurts someone.


Gary is reading the Esquire article, also cover on ACS #1677

Drew is refusing to take a side and thinks both the left and right are full of it, Adam is now agreeing reluctantly to Drew’s independent idea.


1st Caller Kevin, calling from the UK and he gets quizzed on how he found the show by Drew and Adam, Adam jokes about being schooled in Oxford.

Kevin is talking about the pussification of America spilling over to their shores, Drew says they need guns and says one of the added elements to pussification is the inability to solve problems with fists.

Drew brings up the guns and knives that keep men frustrated and unable to unleash on each other.


Drew talks about the twice stabbed train hero and shares the details of him trying to intervene into a domestic dispute. Adam has a killer “get a running start” one liner about trying to run through a vagina tunnel.

Adam is commenting on the mindset of trying to lean towards feminine ideals and away from masculinity, Drew’s theory about women being the more evolved and superior version of the human being.

Drew says in principal it’s not a bad idea, Adam jokes about going down the vaginal tunnel and wrestling inside the vagina.


Adam comments on the dudes who stormed the beach in Normandy now being gone, as we head down the puss trail other countries are heading down the dick trail and that doesn’t bode well for civilized nations of the next century.

Adam talks about the de


Adam and Drew are doing a Draft Kings Live Read

Adam and Sonny’s bonding time over football on Sunday is the highlight of his week edition.

2nd Caller Denise, she’s telling them about seeing a guy with kids from a previous marriage and she wants to know when to get involved and meet the kids.

Drew is asking about the guy’s previous relationship and asking more prying questions, his Spidey sense is tingling.

Adam asks if she’s been cheated on before or tricked in an online relationship, Adam predicts she was overweight in high school and she reveals she had gastric bypass surgery.

Adam goes on a great “crystal brain” rant and mocks the assholes who act like he’s not right about everything.


Adam is telling Drew about the Gloria Allred phoner to the KLSX ACS which has been covered on the modern ACS many times and on this show too.

Adam says shut up bitch to Gloria and mocks her bullshit argument, Adam says she better pray she’s just a liar otherwise she shouldn’t be an attorney.

Adam and Drew are asking more questions, Drew wants to know about her abuse history and Adam is saying some people are just allowed to be fat.


Drew is trying to elicit out something, Adam is trying to get him to wrap it up and saying it’s enough.

Adam and Drew talk about her mom hitting her once, Adam says he’s going to go take a shit if Drew wants to stick with this line of questioning.

Drew says she should wait as long as possible, Adam says he’s doesn’t know what that means as Drew is stylizing his language, Adam has heard this many times but Drew is doing that thing he does, where he starts performing in his ability and even throw Adam for a loop.


Adam is talking about having to walk through a gym to get to your car every day, he’s giving some practical advice to Denise about working activity into her day when she can’t make it to the gym, responding to a key yet quick and understated comment she dropped that’s quite revealing about her mindset.


Adam and Drew are doing a Live Read


Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up the first hour of the show.