Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/09/2015 – Adam Resnick and Jeff Abraham

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/09/2015 – Adam Resnick and Jeff Abraham

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Adam Resnick and Jeff Abraham

Recorded 10-08-2015 – Release Date 10-09-2015

Production Number #1677

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Adam opens the show with a solid intro and a thanks for the fans show share the show, BB has a “Hey Grandpa stop complaining and fuck yourself” #TopDrop that Gina says is incredibly recent, is this off air material?

Adam is talking about visiting SpaceX and riffs about trying to explain honor killings to an alien species, Gina has a great “yes and” improv moment and Adam stops missing it entirely, he apologizes they move on.

Adam is talking about the alien race seeing SpaceX and presuming upon us visiting them soon, BB is right in the mix and riffing up a storm with Adam, Adam jokes about the alien asking us not bring any of the honor killing dudes with us.


Adam says he can’t get into detail regarding what he saw at SpaceX but it’s what we could do in life if we got out of the way and let geniuses accomplish things and employee people.

Adam compares it to Pixar, BB tries to argue a side point and Adam says it’s really a spearhead of one person who inspires the rest.

Adam says we need these people, we need people who build and work in labor.


Gina asks if Adam was eyeballing and rocket fuel, BB tries to mock her but Adam says he was talking about a former Nissan guy who now works at SpaceX.

Adam talks about the guy telling him about taking a pay cut to come work there, he wanted to be part of going to Mars, something bigger than making motorcycles or cars.

Adam is talking about 5$ gourmet lunch and he explains his reasoning as to why that’s a good thing, he brings up free college entertainment and he thinks free things get more complaints and more leftover trays and dirty plates.


Adam is doing a Blinds Galore Live Read

Adam trying to open hotel curtains in Arizona edition


Adam says these places like SpaceX show us what good humans can do.


Adam is bringing up Tomato Gate, the rotten tomatoes tiebreaker from the Last episode in Arizona.


Rotten Or Fresh continued

Only Movie ‘3:10 to Yuma’ (2007)

Adam says it’s good

BB and Gina guess and BB takes the real win this time.


BB premiers the new “Oh Gary!” drop from ‘Weird Science’ of the mother reacting to the news of Gary masturbating.

Adam talks about Gary’s mom having the Dianne Wiest “Hi Gary” drop as her ringtone, wow what a cool mom.


Adam is talking about the live Ben Folds show and the “cord broke” line he used for the glitch that prevented the string section from skyping in.

Adam is now playing the first track of the latest Ben Folds album.

Adam talks about exposing his kids to good shit and jokes about his daughter fucking an 81yr old Steve Perry, this song is great.


Adam is now sharing track 7, F in the A with a D, a Big Fat D.

Adam is having them play it again to let everyone hear the big fat D line.


Gina asks about the full track, Adam talks about a discussion with Dr. Drew from the upcoming ADS #280, Gina punches the mic and Adam jokes about her receiving a ceased and desist from stealing his technique and trademarked move.

Adam talks about seeing the growing tent cities in Los Angeles as he uses WAZE to navigate traffic, Adam talks about the Mayor’s call for low income housing.

Adam is talking about how that doesn’t solve this, he explains how anyone can get an apartment as a group, he’s bringing up the mental illness element of the homeless population.


Adam talks about people being able to panhandle rent and he brings up his wife’s brother and his schizophrenia, he explains how the family came into keep him from living on the street.

Adam is making a great point about Dave not ending up homeless due to the family unit staying together and now Adam is saying we’re evidently not doing a great job with this.

Adam says if people would have listened to him 20yrs ago on Loveline we might be in a different place today, Gina is sharing the story of a man who built a doghouse of sorts for a homeless woman who lived outside his home.

Adam jokes about him drilling a glory hole in the side of the hobo house.


Adam talks about the last line of defense of family, community and friends.

Adam is having Gina read something, a statement from Bobby Jindal about the latest shooting.


Adam is doing a Reverie Bed Live Read

Catch a Contractor crew approved edition


Adam is now back to the article about Bobby, Gary chimes and explains Esquire wrote about Bobby, he wasn’t doing an interview with them.

Adam says that if you don’t raise your son and then unleash them on society you and you will create a shooter, Adam explains how men who don’t raise their kids are cowards and how anything that can harm others is you there.

Adam says he’s not a gun guy, he’s never been a gun guy (not according to Bill Maher on Real Time when he’s trying to embarrass Adam in front of Olivia Wilde).


Adam says that an abandoning father is sending a loud and clear message about not loving you enough to be present.

Adam talks about the Pinsky kids and how you don’t need to worry about them, Adam says that the growing part of the problem is the writer for Esquire and people like him that encourage us to stop judging men for trying to “fuck, cum and leave” the basic male human genetic imperative that is unacceptable in the modern world.

Adam says you can’t outlaw all dangerous items, you need to create a population of responsible adults, Adam is making great points and his logic is perfect, BB even agrees.


Adam is doing a Live Read to change gears


Jeff Abraham is returning to the show, he was last on ADS #1623.

Adam asks him about his late business partner and his tragic death, they plug the product Promescent premature ejaculation spray.

Adam and Drew actually invented this product back on Classic Loveline much like Drop Stop.


Jeff is telling them about the tragic and bizarre death of the inventor of this product, Adam reveals he’s an investor in it now.

Adam is asking Jeff about his backstory and where he comes from, Adam mentions that at SpaceX one of the guys they ran into used to backhoe the trenches on job sites with Adam, they worked on the Pier One imports building together, Adam was cleaning out the trenches.

Gary gets on mic to confirm it and Adam is talking about wanting his kids to spend a year working in the real world before going to college, to know why they’re there.


Jeff is telling them about his experience at college and how his mother reacted to his bad grades and how that led to him becoming “the most visible student” on the campus.

Jeff shares how he loved the Nazi rhetoric class, he says they fashioned Nazi rallies after college football games in America.

Adam has a killer one liner about football games turning into Jew burnings.


Jeff explains how he made money in the stock market and Adam asks if those places are a waste of time, he says there are unless you’re very well off and yielding high end returns.

Adam says he invested in the cock, BB asks if he really is an investor.

Jeff is sharing how he reacted to Mangria last time he was on the show.

Adam heads to break.


They’re back from break with Adam Resnick making his ACS debut.

They play a great moment in local news about artisan and craft mustards and mayo options.

Adam is sharing his why not just put up a picture of a missing kid, his Charles Schulz “I just don’t have anything today” rule of thumb.


Adam welcomes Adam Resnick to the show mid explanation of the idea, Adam is asking Adam about his take on the Peanuts strips and they move on to his journey.

Adam is talking about the internet allowing people to see they can do many things that weren’t seemingly possible in a bygone disconnected world.

David brings up not having control of how you consume a movie, Adam brings up his 1997 Christmas Cruise without cellphones or anyway to talk to the outside world.


Adam is bringing up his ‘The Grinch Who Stole Christmas’ theory, about the joy of it being special and rare, a once a year treat.

Adam’s kids have the Kaleidescape system and 2k movies and they don’t give a fuck.

Adam Resnick is talking about showing his daughter ‘The Exorcist’ and her less than ideal reaction, he blames the internet and says something like an old ‘Twilight Zone’ doesn’t work on the same level as everything is explained in today’s world and kids don’t live in a dream like existence that he grew up in.


Adam Resnick is talking about getting an internship at The Letterman Show, Adam and Adam are naming some names of guys like Chris Elliot who were around for the early days of the David Letterman show on NBC before the move to CBS.

Adam talks about David Letterman keeping his jokes, Adam Carolla jokes about him using them for confetti.

Adam Resnick talks about getting college credit and how he got his foot in the door as an intern, Steve O’Donnell and Chris both get mentioned, Adam calls Steve a prince of a guy and cites their time working on The Man Show together.


Adam is sharing his one lament about the internet era, we’ll never have another Rod Stewart stomach pump myth, Adam shares why he thinks the Richard Gere story might be real but he’s messing up the timeline, Crawford came after the myth.

Adam is joking about the band ‘10cc’ after Gina brings them up, Adam Resnick and BB share how they heard about the myth.


Adam is doing a Fandango Live Read


Gary now has the math of how many men it would take to fill a soda can with jizz.

Gina praises Adam Resnick’s book and says she and her boyfriend both loved it.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the 2016 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominations, Adam wants to hear the list but the likes of Lou Reed and Joan Jett render it meaningless.

Gina has the list of eligible artists, Adam reacts to Steve Miller being on the list and he shares his desire for Trump to be president just for the declarations from celebrities about how they’re leaving the country.

Adam says if Steve Miller gets in he’s moving to Mexico.


Adam is commenting on ‘Chic’ and their song ‘Le Freak’ the soundtrack to his mom’s 1970’s marijuana use and locking herself in her bedroom.

Adam talks about the shitty songs in Steve’s catalog and BB arguers he’s entry level rock and roll.


2nd Story is on Randy Quaid’s 2nd arrest in Montreal this year, Gina has the details of his latest arrest that could get him booted from Canada.

Adam asks about Dennis Quaid and Adam says he’s not talked to the man, Adam is bringing up press junkets and how things can go poorly as they’re talking about Robert Downey Jr. refusing to discuss his drug history.

Adam cites his 2001 Classic Loveline interview as an example of Robert’s willingness to discuss his addiction and sobriety, unaware that was during a previous sober period and he might have changed his feelings over time.


They’re talking about the “unspankable” mock sex tape with Randy Quaid wearing having simulated sex with his wife wearing a Rupert Murdoch mask.


3rd Story is on a fight between two NBA players over one of the guy’s ex-wives.

BB says that Matt Barnes is a hard dude, much like Adam used to describe Michael Vick.

Adam says mean people look mean, racists look like racists.


Adam says most people whom are stupid look stupid, Adam jokes about Mark Cuban and his look, Jeff Goldblum is a stark contrast.


Adam is doing a SimpliSafe Live Read

August only ate one sensor edition


4th Story is on a cracking glass bridge, Adam says the problem is the engineers sleep in as structural engineers due to the maximum weight of 130lb for male adults.


Adam says they need to get some big fat guys from Philly for rating these bridges.


Jeff is now bringing up ‘The Adam Carolla Project’ and citing various episodes and moments from the show, hilarious quote of Adam talking about understanding Ozzie.

BB plays the clip of Ozzie from his old movie reviews on the KLSX show.


Adam shares hos cool it was to see that Adam was from Hollywood but not the glamourous side, Adam has a killer Denny Dreyfus riff.

Adam talks about sitting in the edit bay and says he did that for ‘The Adam Carolla Project’ and it benefited from it, he doesn’t sit in the bay for ‘Catch a Contractor’ but they have a good crew and team and do manage to keep in a lot of his funny stuff and best work.

Adam says when you create something you need to help and guide it, he brings up The Man Show and how the 5th season didn’t work as the template was laid before them, he blames Stone Stanley for ruining it.


Gina wraps the news.


Adam is doing a Burger King Live Read

Dawson never comes in with just one, always has one in the pit and one in the palm.


Adam is giving out the plugs, he wraps up the show and apologizes to Toronto promising to reschedule, and BB closes the show with the same drop he used to open it.


A very funny episode, really cohesive and just a joy to listen to.