Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/27/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 350

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/27/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 350

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Tait Fletcher

Recorded 05-24-2016 – Release Date 05-27-2016

Production Number #350 – Tait Fletcher

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Adam has the standard intro and he welcomes Tait to the show, Tait’s making his 2nd appearance but he was last on while Adam was out of town and Mike Catherwood was filling in on ADS #219.

Adam thanks him for bringing in the cold brew coffee and he mentions how Starbucks drinks are mostly ice and then become tap watered down coffee.

Adam brings up ‘Shark Tank’ and a recent product that was cold coffee, Tait talks about the cases of coffee he brought in and Adam mocks his staff for drinking all of the coffee much like the time they all stole his beer, hilarious joke about him presuming they put all the beer away to chill for him.


Adam is now talking about the process of the cold brew coffee that Tait is promoting, he talks about his Caveman Coffee MCT oil being in demand for places like Walmart.

Adam is joking about kissing potion and kissable lips, he’s saying the MCT oil slick leaves his lips greasy and Tait jokes about Adam’s kissable lips being the talk of the internet.

Adam is asking him about the proper amount of MCT oil and Drew shares how he shit himself once from too much of it.

Tait says he had the same thing happen while on a film set and now Adam is describing how his nanny makes him a weekly hopper of green goop, he keeps hitting off the same goop all week, oh no!


Adam talks about having that feeling in his gut and Drew suggests that something is growing in the goop, Adam says he’s had people that are better than him asking why he doesn’t make it daily, he says he’s too busy and everyone else is too lazy, his nanny makes it once per week.

Tait has some Cold Brew concentrate and he’s heading out to get it to mix it for them.




1st Caller John wants to know if Adam and Drew have an overriding philosophy for their advice and logic, Drew says it’s naturalism, pragmatism or materialism more than stoicism.

John mentions Adam’s Crystal Brain and Drew misunderstands it, asking how much clearer it would be if he could read.

Adam says he doesn’t trust people who are searching for things, he says don’t look for some philosophy or guru or thinking that will save your life or show you purpose.


Tait gives him some practical advice about being a sharper human being to then enjoy and be able to handle the success the seek if it ever comes.

Adam says he’s never seen a successful version of a person who embraces being a victim nor people who are seeking to be healed, it doesn’t lead to a good life.

Drew says a good life is being of service and you need some skill to provide to get things done for others.


Drew says that real relationships and experiences are what life’s about and if you can’t do that get therapy.

Tait talks about the land of “nerfed pussies” we live in and how we’ve shielded people from the reality of life and how tough things can be, Adam comments on these lowers who think they’re awesome.

Adam asks if these people really think they’re awesome if you cut them open and examined them, would that be true or if this overcompensation.


Drew says often narcissism is overriding a deep emptiness and awful feelings.

Tait talks about people who always think they know the answer and mocks the frat guy mindset.

Drew talks about the narcissists he’s dealt with and how kids learn they’re perfect from their parents who think they can do no wrong.


Tait has a “he’s never been punched in the mouth” realization for a certain type of guy who doesn’t know the real consequences of life.

Adam says he loves the employee with an organized sports background and how much greater they are than employees who have never played.


Drew is doing a Live Read


2nd Caller Lori Anne, she wants to know how to go about asking her doctor about testosterone replacement therapy.

Drew talks about the relative risks and the knee jerk reaction, Adam talks about how doctors are hesitant to give anything a patient want, they don’t even want to give men testosterone.

Drew is talking about restoring hormone biology and how there are hypocrisies still present, Tait brings up Sylvester Stallone and his physique being what it is into his 1970’s.


Adam thinks all of the guys “athletes” with the steroids ruined hormone therapy for everyone, Tait asks who all the guys are and mentions Lyle Alzado and says that culture deciding that steroids in sports are a bad thing it’s trickled down to not being able to give some testosterone to patients who might need it.

Drew hits home the “Do No Harm” basis of his profession and Tait tries to argue about SSRI and Statin drugs, Drew tells him that his take isn’t accurate and explains measured risk to both Adam and Tait Drew puts on his stern voice to overrule Tait’s conspiracy theories ala the 1997 MTV LoveLine incident with John Favreau minus the panic attack.


3rd Caller Andrew he’s a physician as well and Drew has him give them a risk management assessment and he brings up a few solid points about heart disease and hormone therapy.

Drew is back to the measured risk and “proper zone of treatment” and now Adam uses what Dr. Bruce, a real doctor, not a love doctor, says about hormone therapy.

Drew is now bringing up testosterone ranges and how most men come in with 270, Gary is on mic and gives an even wider range than Drew gave and Adam initially doubted.


Andrew is telling them about working with an older physician who has been recommending things that are standard of care, he’s telling them about an older woman looking for a “hot flash shot” and Drew tells Andrew that his newer data has now been debunked too.

Andrew has another example as Adam and Tait joke a bit, Andrew tells them about his use of another outdated drug and Drew is now making a point about this guy’s era of medicine and what was common sense and prescribed in the era, Adam says it feels like philosophy more than a lack of expertise.

Adam says doctors and lawyers are the two professions that are hard to talk someone out of their way of thinking, they spent a lot of time and money to get there.


Drew tells Andrew about how he will shift and shape his own standard of care as he gets more experience.

Adam is now giving out the plugs, Drew is pushing off and ready to pounce and Adam abandoned the mic and tells Drew to wrap up the show.

Drew gives out the plugs for Tait who tells them about the cold brew concentrate and how it’s great for when you’re on the go.


Adam gives the closing line, Tait seems to be loving this dynamic and their weird little closing fight.