Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/08/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 219

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/08/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 219

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 03-03-2015 – Release Date 03-08-2015

Production Number #219 – Tait Fletcher with Guest Host Mike Catherwood

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Drew opens the show with Mike Catherwood joining him again, Drew is so happy to welcome Tait Fletcher to the show, Adam plugs Tait’s various business and brands.

Drew is commenting on the overflowing bundle of goodies he brought into the studio, Drew is explaining how he came to Tait’s products through their mutual friend the legendary Keith Jardine.

They’re talking about the Jason Ellis bout vs. Keith and they’re marveling at a photo of Drew in Jason’s corner, Drew says if he saw anything very serious he would have intervened.


Drew is explaining how he’s been a coffee drinker his whole life, he’s citing the data about caffeine and coffee possibly being beneficial.

Drew is now commenting on the link between cholesterol medications and heart disease, Tait’s telling them about a diabetic friend who would rather take insulin over changing his diet and feeling better.

Tait’s got some solid points and Drew jumps into a live read.


Drew is doing a live read


Drew asks him how the coffee business started, Drew asks about the yak butter and the head of another competing coffee company.

Tait is telling them about his methodology for cutting weight and his experiments with various diets after he left professional fighting.

Drew comments on Tait’s ability and discipline to adopt a new diet, Drew is quizzing Tait about his various diagnosis and afflictions.


Drew is reacting to Tait’s previous diagnosis and Tait tells them about healthy fats and how his body and affect changed after trying something new.

Tait is explaining how he first met Keith and they got into coffee, he says they got high as fuck on coffee and he talking about their white bean variant.

Tait tells them about becoming a coffee nerd and Keith’s simultaneous evolution into a coffee nerd, he’s giving his take on corporatocracy.


Tait is telling them about tasting apples and food overseas and learning how our food quality if compromised from corporate greed.

Tait shares the story of their third partner Lacey who is a personal trainer to an elite A list action star that he cannot name.

They’re talking about Anthony Bourdain getting into Jujitsu and Tait is selling Drew on the martial art, Mike is telling Drew about getting into Muay Thai and why as well as how that’s different from jujitsu.


Mike wants to know if other guys man up to Tait while on the street, Tait tells them about standing up for someone being bullied in public, Mike wishes he could fill that role and Tait tells them about his concern for how women are treated.

Tait is telling them about some key advice that led to him being conscious of what effect he has when he walks into a room which was the stepping stone that lead to all of his personal changes.

Tait is making a point about head injuries along with losing the spotlight and how both factors play into the depression and suicide of former athletes, Drew is now quoting Brendan Schaub from last week’s Loveline episode with him and Bryan Callen.


1st Caller V, he is applying for medical school and is being met with a lot of rejections, he has a single waitlist but has gone into depression, and Drew is sharing his memory of that period of his life.

Drew is breaking down the variables at play and hyping him up about the waitlist he has, he tells him to change his attitude and says it will pay off in the long run.

Tait is telling him to become relentless and quotes Greg Jackson about being comfortable when and where other men are uncomfortable, Tait tells him some practical advice.


Drew is asking Tait where he learned the selfless piece of the human experience and learned to earn his esteem, much like he earns his breakfast to quote Joe Rogan about Tait.

Tait is sharing an anecdote he heard from a governor about certain stats needing to do poorly for her state to succeed, Tait says he wants a movement, not just a business.

Tait wants to spread the interconnectivity of life among humans and doesn’t want his success to be dependent on hurting others, he would rather it inspire others and bring them up along with him and company and give individuals new insight into their very being.


Drew is now doing a Cremo live read

Mike requests a sound bite of Tait saying he wants it on his face.


Mike is telling them about a live episode of ‘Undateable’ for which Drew was invited on as a cameo appearance, Drew asks Tait how often he’s out in Los Angeles and Mike tells Drew about an invite to going to Tait’s gym for some lifting.

Drew is so happy and says that Tait is a great “new pair of glasses” guy who helps you evolve your own thinking and further enjoy your life, Mike has a wife point and they’re all in a love session about the interconnectedness of humans.

Tait is telling them about stick fighting and how insanely intense it can be, Tait calls V a she, very telling.

I wonder if it was the vocal quality and something he’s picking up on or a simple mistake of speech.


2nd Caller J, he’s dropped off.

Drew feels guilty they lost his call.


Drew is doing a Simply Safe live read

Tait echoes Adam’s take on guys who install security systems possibly also being criminals, Gary or Chris plays the drop of Tait that Mike requested.

Drew is full on in love fest mode, saying Tait needs to come by Loveline and Tait explains where his partners spend most of their time.


They’re discussing Keith Jardine and his often quiet nature, Tait explains how they realized Tait was cussing himself out while working with them in the ring sparring.

Drew asks if Tait loses hair from grappling with the beard, Tait tells them about meeting and working with Johnny Depp and developing a film career together, Tait’s got a great summation about personal evolution and now Mike is asking about Tait’s penis.


Drew is commenting on how they want to get into Tait’s background but don’t have enough time, he’s commenting on how Tait performed his own version of CBT on himself using other people.

Tait is telling them about looking through his mom through glass while arrested and in 5 point restraints.

Tait says he’s very particular who he’s around and says he could easily eat a pistol as his depression is ever-present and the wrong energy or person could spin him out.


Drew tells Tait he made his month, Drew loves Tait Fletcher and they wrap up the show giving out the plugs. Killer episode!