Daniel Kohn

Daniel Kohn sits down for a podcast with the gang to talk to them about his brand new podcast The Ranker Podcast.

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J.J. Green

J.J. Green calls in to discuss the state of our national security, and the fight against ISIS. Adam also talks about his father-in-law’s funeral, Whoopi Goldberg’s new line of marijuana products, and his response to Bald Bryan’s latest health update.

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Dave Dameshek and Grae Drake

Dave Dameshek sits down to announce the ‘Creep of the Week’, while Rotten Tomatoes contributor Grae Drake fills in for Matt Atchity to play a spirited round of ‘The Rotten Tomatoes Game’. Bald Bryan also reviews ‘Batman v Superman’ for this week’s ‘Baldywood’.

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Dan Dunn

Dan Dunn sits down for a podcast about his cross country drinking odyssey, attempts at hacking the iPhone, and the latest on Katt Williams.

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Chris Denman and Travis Terrell, Live from The Pageant Theatre in St. Louis

Chris Denman and Travis Terrell from ‘We Are Live’ join Ace, Bald and Gina on stage for a live podcast from The Pageant Theatre in St. Louis. The show opens with Adam lamenting some of the travel foibles he has experienced over the weekend before Chris tells a story about an experience he had at a strip club. The gang then plays a spirited round of ‘What Can’t Adam Complain About’ before getting into Gina Grad’s news.

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