Donate to Girl Talk at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

As heard mentioned by Gina Grad on The Adam Carolla Show

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Peter Suderman

Peter Suderman of Reason Magazine joins for a podcast about the history of prohibition, the latest on Harvey Weinstein, and an update on Sonny’s recovery.

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Jeff Cesario

Jeff Cesario returns for a podcast about Harvey Weinstein, National Coming Out Day, and Springsteen’s Broadway run. Plus- the guys hear a new segment called ‘The Toolbox’, and Chet Waterhouse delivers this week’s sports update.

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Gilbert Gottfried and RJ Bell

Gilbert Gottfried talks with Adam about allowing his life to be filmed for a documentary, and our overly offended culture. Plus, RJ Bell calls in for ‘RJs Parlay’.

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Christopher Titus

Christopher Titus returns to discuss ‘Special Unit’, VP Pence walking out of an NFL game after more players knelt for the National Anthem, and OJ Simpson’s quest for companionship. Plus, Adam takes calls for a round of ‘What Can’t Adam Complain About?’.

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