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Adam opens the show discussing his wife and kids leaving town, only to leave behind an unexpected gift. Dana Gould is also on stage, and tells a story about disposing of his daughter’s poop. The guys also chat about killing spiders, Forever 21 stores, and the sad experience of having to put your pet down.

In the news with Alison, the top story involves Tom Brokaw’s accidental Ambien experience. The guys tell their own drugged out stories, and then hear about Jimmy Kimmel’s TV guide cover, treadmill-desk, and appreciation for Oprah. Later the guys talk about meeting Tom Cruise, and the latest figures in kid allowance. As the show wraps up, Adam discusses saving up for his first unicycle, and the guys make fun of a classic commercial.


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Mr. Microphone

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Show Credits

Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Levi

    Is Bald Bryan rubbing one out on stage? He’s really into Alison’s boots.

  2. David

    Is Bald not wearing pants in that picture?

    • Mark Jimerson
      Mark Jimerson09-07-2012

      I was thinking the same thing lolz

    • Silent Running
      Silent Running09-08-2012

      He’s wearing pants now?

    • Mark Jimerson
      Mark Jimerson09-08-2012

      As far as we know he may never wear pants during a broadcast.

    • Wil C
      Wil C09-17-2012

      Two words; Hillarious.

  3. John Henry
    John Henry09-07-2012

    oh…my…goodness…dana gould!

  4. Hugh Gashol
    Hugh Gashol09-07-2012

    GET IT ON !

  5. Poochie's Uncle
    Poochie's Uncle09-07-2012


  6. Paul

    Anyone else find Dana Gould unfunny and annoying?

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle09-07-2012

      I always find Dana very funny and entertaining. He brings out the funny in Adam.

    • Brother P-Touch
      Brother P-Touch09-07-2012

      No. Dana Gould is comedy gold. He is the Anti-Shek.

    • Doug

      Yeah, I’ve never found Dana Gould very entertaining. He’s not very funny and he’s kind of annoying. I don’t understand why everyone seems to love him so much.

  7. Admiral Kent
    Admiral Kent09-07-2012

    Well, jeez…that episode depressed the fuck outta me!

  8. Caliber Winfield
    Caliber Winfield09-07-2012

    I was enjoying Dana Gould up until the 72 Virgin thing. Then he became perhaps the most annoying guest I’ve ever heard. He need not be doing voice impressions.

  9. Bill

    I’m probably not the first to post this, but “I hope you step on a Lego” is a common internet “threat” when you’ve wronged someone. It’s the highest form of “You dick!”

  10. Howard

    Wow, a whole 3 minutes before an insult to Mexicans. What’s wrong with Adam? He’s off his game.

    I was listening to old Loveline episodes. The same joke over and over since 1999. I guess that’s just genius.

    • VDM

      And yet you’re still listening 13 years later! You must really hate yourself.

  11. BenN

    Please, no more live podcasts, they are absolutely terrible. Put up an old Loveline or something instead. Good times.

    • George

      Some live podcasts are alright, but sometimes the audience is just lame. What the hell, don’t they get the jokes? They must know Adam if they came out to see him. Get off your f*ckin hands have another beer and enjoy the damn show! Hell, clap once in while. Who are these damn people who just sit there? It’s like my parents came in out of the rain or something. Next time Ace comes out my way I’ll be the biggest deuchbag fan out there yelling “Get it on, Ace!!”

      • Hugh

        Went to see the live podcast recently. The crowd was laughing their asses off and really enjoying it. When I heard the recorded version the next day, the crowd was very quiet in the mix. I suppose this is done to prevent the laughter stepping on the conversation going on.

        Damn, you people bitch a lot.

  12. Roger

    When Adam and Alison were talking about Tom Brokaw I decided that Tom is probably ‘losing it’. I watched a few minutes of the Republican Convention – while Tom was a guest on NBC – and he referred to the fact that Paul Ryan wasn’t born until the second year of Ronald Reagan’s first term (1983). Paul Ryan was born in 1970. I suppose he may have been referring to Ron’s term as Governor, but even that would have been 1968. I don’t think that what Tom was referring to!:-(

  13. Why Why Why
    Why Why Why09-07-2012

    Jesus Christ how depressing

    • Roger

      No shit.

  14. Travis

    Mr Microphone aired 1986, not the late 70’s. cheers

    • Ambival

      Actually, Mr. Microphone was out in the early-mid 70’s as well.

      • George

        “Hey good lookin’ we’ll be back to see you later..” It was definitely the 70’s. I was around 10.

  15. Mad Dog and Glory
    Mad Dog and Glory09-07-2012

    Adam Carolla: It should be noted that Dana, because he is such a good soul, has adopted three girls from china. And each time you make the pilgrimage over there, right?
    Dana Gould: Yes, and unlike the great comedian, Woody Allen, I’ve fucked none of them.
    Alison Rosen: Yet…
    Adam Carolla: Yes, the day is young my friend.


    • Rex Montana
      Rex Montana09-07-2012

      Could be construed as a David Bowie reference, “visions of Swastikas in my head”. Bubble gun music — my term, I just made it. Also include “Another one bites the dust” which broke the way for gangster-rap. Angry disco.

  16. Curious

    How tall is Alison?

  17. Matt

    Not a fan of the live shows.

  18. Dick Face
    Dick Face09-07-2012

    LOL, I miss the Mr. Microphone when I was a kid I even tore one apart and
    wired it to my Ibanez destroyer to make it wireless to play on my parents
    shitty stereo, Ahh…the good old days.

  19. brad sherwood
    brad sherwood09-07-2012

    If these shows fund the podcast, they might need to spruce them up a bit. I’d be disappointed paying to watch a subpar podcast.

    Dana is the best, but can get a bit anxious and desperate if things arent going well.

  20. TS

    Live shows are tough because the entire tone of the show changes, and people end up shouting, and when they talk over each other for a second, they shout over one another.

    Still a good episode, though dark. Gould always good.

  21. SamuelJH

    Thank you.

  22. Rex Montana
    Rex Montana09-07-2012

    Sometime you’ve got to let the cap go. Baseball is dumb. It’s neither a team sport nor an individual sport. People wear caps to protest they’re indescript, which is why cops pull them over.

  23. Chester

    I’m glad that this one didn’t degenerate into a forced Huell Howser impersonation festival like Dana Gould’s appearances often do. Does anyone else find it strange that not just one, but two national headlining comedians (Dana Gould and James Adomian) both frequently appear on comedy podcasts doing an over-the-top impression of someone who is essentially just a local California television personality? It strikes me as bizarre.

  24. Lymon DYKE
    Lymon DYKE09-07-2012

    Live shows seem to be craving the funny instead of letting it flow

    I know these shows are necessary but it is hard to hear the gang have to work the room
    and Adam lives by the improv but I can hear him struggling when things go flat fast
    -then he has to go digging for a knee jerk or deep cut of his same repertoire
    hard to watch and listen too sometimes.

  25. Balky

    I always count the live show as a half-a-show. I had the day off, so instead of listening on my commute, I decided I’d listen while I got stuff done around the house. When I saw it was a live one, I let out a sound like Huell Howser’s old rock collector guys. Huuuuuuh.

  26. Fanucci says Eeeeh
    Fanucci says Eeeeh09-08-2012

    Yeah, great episode. Really liking the live shows.

  27. heavensnooo

    what is the name of the driving school ace thinks all kids should attend- and he’s said he is sending his kids at 16…? Thanks

  28. Fred

    Live podcasts are my favorite because Adam is always drunk.

  29. Patrick

    Is that Nat from the Peach Pit of Beverly Hills 90210 at the begining of the Mr Microphone ad?

  30. Dzjhon

    Love me some Dana Gould. The story about his shitting daughter was gold. Also that “kiss of retarded” bit was great. Got depressing as shit when they started talking about putting down dogs. Sorry to hear about that, Dana. You’re a good guy.

    Can’t wait to hear more of him. For as much as Ace gets Shek, Wild, and Bruce on, I really wanna see more Dana Gould. Need some more of them Huell’s Jewels. Carolla’s excited!

  31. Mr. O
    Mr. O09-08-2012

    maybe i’m alone here, but the live shows usually suck.

  32. KD

    The only good thing about live shows are that they normally include a picture of Alison.

  33. Tacoma Vinnie
    Tacoma Vinnie09-09-2012

    Wow, a whole show without a right wing deuchbag rant or mention of how rich he is. Good job Adam.

  34. Hugh

    Ohhhhh poor doggy 🙁

  35. Dave

    Yes I did find Mr Gould annoying today, it seemed like mish mash of 3 people stepping on top of each other trying to make a point, suprised Adam let them get away with it myself

  36. Mike A.
    Mike A.09-11-2012

    Can’t stand Dana G. I feel like I’m watching a painful improv and I think Adam tries unnecessarily way too hard during these live shows. And am I the only one who’s hearing Adam’s fake laugh during these shows…oh the pain.

  37. DerkMan

    This is quite possibly the best podcast episode i have ever listened to.

  38. Chris H.
    Chris H.09-24-2012

    This was one of the funniest shows in the history of podcasting. Forget Kevin Smith, Ace should put together a TV show with DG. Absolutely outstanding. Thank you.

  39. jen

    Adam, that’s insane. My kids get $1 per tooth. They also have a list of chores. My youngest is 6, the same age as your twins. It’s not a sick fucked up era… most of the rest of us are dealing with a recession. You are in a little bubble.

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