Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/07/2012 – Dana Gould

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/07/2012 – Dana Gould

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 09/06/2012 – Release Date 09/07/2012

Adam is opening the show with a quick rant about the heat, how he wakes up every morning hopeful that it’s started to cool off and how the radio DJ’s fool him every morning by giving out the temperatures at the beach then segueing to the valley where it’s an inferno.

Adam is now explaining how Lynette took the twins and went to Chicago for the Bruce Springsteen concert this weekend, he gets to use her Audi while she’s out of town and Sonny left him a horrible surprise in the car.

Dana is now telling the gang a story that tops Adam’s, it involves his 3yr old daughter having to poop, hilarious quotes from Dana! Adam and Dana are now discussing his 3 adopted daughters.

Adam is now recounting how he was alerted about Sonny’s “Gift” left in the Audi, Olga attempted to inform him over the phone. Dana and Adam are now riffing on her attempting to explain it in broken English over a cell phone, so good! Adam is now finally getting back to his original thought on heat and insects. Adam is giving his theory on how insects are the only creatures that thrive in the heat and become supercharged.

Adam is now explaining an encounter he had with a spider above his bed, he missed it and sent it straight onto the bed, he killed another spider and wasn’t sure if it was the same one. Lynette captured a lizard under a mop, Adam is now explaining what happened. Adam is explaining that Olga found some mouse droppings.

Adam and Dana are riffing on peanut butter, forever 21 and now Adam is bringing up “The Forgotten Woman” a store he used to drive by for plus size women, Dana is now riffing on it being an adult novelty store and improv’s a jingle for it. They’re now back on the mouse/rat topic and Adam is riffing on the foam insulation he used for his house.

Dana is discussing the vet who came by his house and put his dog down, Adam is blown away that this service exists and is now pitching Dana on a way to make it a positive experience. Adam and Dana are now riffing on dog walkers and Dana is going further in depth on putting down his dogs.

Adam is now describing how he wanted a dog while growing up but his parents would never get one, he’s now setting up the “Lotzi” the German Shepherd story, a very quick telling. Dana just revealed that his dad shot his childhood dog when he was 9. Adam and Dana are now riffing on pet remains, the work of morticians and hounds from hell.

Dana and Adam are now exploring the idea of virgins in heaven awaiting dead terrorists, the concept of how they ended up with that gig, Dana has a great riff on who you should expect to run into. Alison chimes in with some great questions that inspire more comedy.


Alison’s News, Her top story is about Tom Brokaw on “Morning Joe”, apparently he mistakenly took a half of an Ambien. Alison is now telling a story about a guy she went to college with who took 5 1/2 hits of acid then fought the dean, Adam and Dana are riffing on why you would take a half dose and wondering what Tom was intending to actually take before the interview.

Adam is making an analogy about Fred Willard at the porn theater story, explaining that the person in this situation needs to fully explain their story and not leave any openings for the public to fill in. Adam just declared he’s always ready to be pulled over and bullshit a cop, Dana is asking if anyone is prepared to recite the alphabet backwards because he doesn’t think he can do it.

Adam and Dana are on an amazing riff about being high on Ambien and their experiences, Dana is calling back his “Jif” comments from earlier, they keep dropping amazing quote after quote, Dana is now explaining his old one man show called “Insomnia” and his experiences with it.


Her 2nd story is about Jimmy Kimmel on the cover of TV guide and that it was revealed he has a treadmill with a desk so he can get more done, Adam has now shifted the topic back to dogs. They’re now talking about the various things said/revealed in the TV guide article, apparently Jimmy says Oprah is inspiring, Adam is having a field day riffing on this.

Dana is comparing women meeting Oprah to meeting Tom Cruise, Dana is dropping some amazing one liners in character as Tom, Adam is now describing the time he met him at Kimmel’s football Sunday, not telling the story but more describing Tom’s essence in a way. Adam is telling everyone how great a guy Jimmy is and how he spends every fathers day with Jimmy and his family.

Adam is now recounting the time he attempted to call into a radio show that was talking about him and the call screener didn’t believe him. Adam is now riffing on how radio DJ’s must have secretly contacted Duran Duran requesting them to put out longer crappier songs, so they could use the bathroom and snort coke.


Alison’s 3rd story is about the average allowance for kids today, Adam explains Natalia lost her front tooth and got 20 bucks, he’s now describing what he would have done if the going rate was 20 a tooth when he was a kid, hilarious! Adam is now telling everyone about his theory on how everything will eventually cost 20 bucks and why that is. Adam is now explaining that Sonny took 40 bucks from his wallet and the answer he got from Sonny when the cash was found in his backpack.

Alison wants to know what he needed the cash for, Adam is explaining how Sonny loves legos and Ninjago, Adam is now recounting an incident he had the other night where he stepped on one of the Ninjago toys barefoot. Adam is now riffing on the lack of connection to physical money and how his kids will just be clicking buttons, he’s going off on them renting the same movies over and over from itunes instead of simply buying them once.

Adam is now telling everyone how he bought a used unicycle from Dave Lewis son of Grandpa Al Lewis from the Munsters, Adam had to run a carwash out of the back parking lot of his dad’s crappy apartment in order to get 15 dollars to buy it. Adam is now riffing on the crappy items sold on late night TV, including “Miracle Ear”, Dana is chiming in with “Mr Microphone” and the racist depiction of a black guy in the commercial.

Dana has changed the topic to Starsky and Hutch, the black pimp named “Rooster”, Adam is chiming in that he thinks the pimp role has been removed from television.

Adam is quoting “Bishop Don Magic Juan” and closing out the show with a live read and a quick anecdote about him wondering if people are able to hack into webcams, he had some alone time and used a post it note to cover the camera. He’s now riffing on Lynette finding the post it, so he’s wondering what he could write on the note to make it less obvious what he was doing.