What Can’t Adam Complain About

What Can’t Adam Complain About

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The show opens with further discussion of yesterday’s ‘You Are The Coolest’ music video. Adam also rants about a frustrating experience at home, and responds to a couple tweets about how few original movies are made now, and the ridiculousness of the Lotto. Alison then starts up the news discussing Santorum’s exit from the Presidential race, and how the teenage birthrate has fallen to a record low. Adam recalls watching ’16 and Pregnant’ with Lynette, and talks about irresponsible teenagers.

After the break, Adam jumps to the phones to take your calls. One caller is looking for a summer gig, and Adam complains about how teachers and firemen need to work harder. He also talks to a caller about steroid use in the UFC. Next up, Adam takes your tweets for a round of What Can’t Adam Complain About. The show wraps up with a couple more news stories: a 13-year-old who took over after his bus driver had a heart attack, and the costs of Whitney Houston’s funeral.


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Deacon Jones
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Kid Driving Bus

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