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Adam opens today’s show talking about freeway overpass signs not actually being about driving. He also comments on a Twitter exchange he had over the weekend, and shares some music to explain when our society shifted to bummer-freak-out mode. Later he talks about his dinner with Tucker Carlson, and explains why Natalia doesn’t need to do the cool pool dips.

Adam welcomes Steven Griffith next, and the guys talk about his book, ‘The Time Cleanse’, and how much time is wasted on a daily basis. They also discuss some of the key mistakes that people make, as well as tips for being more successful. From there they talk about time wasted at the airport for nothing, how different people experience time differently, and educating people respecting other’s time.

Later, the group talks about how being late impacts others, and how compassion helps to battle self-pity and fear. Deal with what is. Gina then reads news stories about the lead up to the Super Bowl, the latest drama with the Royal Family, and a dad who tackled a student during a wrestling match. As the show wraps up, the guys talk about a deaf man suing Porn Hub over subtitles, Meatloaf suing over a stage fall, and the uptick of luxury bomb shelters.  

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at tonight’s dinner for supporters of Sentebale in London Video © SussexRoyal

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Dad’s revenge from r/JusticeServed


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