Jamie Lynn Sigler, Jenna Parris, and Jeff Cesario

Jamie Lynn Sigler, Jenna Parris, and Jeff Cesario





Show Summary

Adam welcomes Jeff Cesario to the studio right at the top of the show. The group talks about their combined radio experience, and Adam gives an update on the KROQ doc. The guys also chat about Alyssa Milano’s podcast, exquisite rich white guy slippers, and Sarah Silverman getting in trouble for something she did a decade ago. They also watch a clip from a recent ‘Big Brother’ controversy, which leads to a conversation about controlling people through language. Next up, enjoy a clip from Adam’s recent Take A Knee interview with Ryan Holiday, as well as the Chet Waterhouse Sports report.

Jamie Lynn Sigler and Jenna Parris are in studio next, and Adam talks with them about their new podcast, ‘Mama Said’. He also asks them about Feminine K9 Hydration Disorder, as well as their experiences raising their young kids. Later, Jamie discusses her time on The Sopranos and everyone pays tribute to actor James Gandolfini. Adam also asks Jenna about her LA background, and meeting her husband at the Coachella music festival.

Gina then reads news stories about Harvey Weinstein, Larry King, and a fourth Matrix movie. Another news story is the lineup of the next season of Dancing with the Stars, which leads to a conversation about sequels and disappointment. As the show wraps up, Gina reads one last story about strict H.O.A. rules regarding parking in your own driveway.

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Producers: Mike August, Mike Lynch, and Mike Dawson
Co-Producers: Chris Laxamana, Gary Smith, Matt Fondiler, Caelan Biehn, and Dylan Wrenn
Newsgirl: Gina Grad
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop