Shane Gillis

Shane Gillis



Part 1: Drake vs. The Beatles, COVID Hypocrisy, and The News (ACS Sept 17)




Part 2: Shane Gillis on Getting Dropped from SNL Before His First Day (ACS Sept 17)


Show Summary

At the top of the pod, Adam, Bryan, and Gina talk about our overly offended society, and the process of using past podcasts and tweets to ruin people’s lives. Adam then breaks down Drake’s music vs. The Beatles, and goes on to talk about Covid hypocrisy from one college football game to the next. Later they discuss how white collar and blue collar families are reacting to the pandemic differently, and they listen to a clip with Mark Geragos from a recent Reasonable Doubt. Before the break, Gina reads news stories about space tourism, Nicki Minaj, Gabrielle Petito, and Megan Fox.

Shane Gillis is in studio for a one-on-one conversation with Adam. They begin by talking about how woke culture is destroying comedy, and then flash back to Shane’s upbringing and how he eventually got to audition for Saturday Night Live. From there they talk about the excitement of joining the cast, followed by the surprise of getting ‘cancelled’ four days later. They also discuss the shift in people who are censoring others, keeping in touch with Lorne Michaels, and supporting the people who were unnecessarily cancelled. As the conversation wraps up, they talk about the importance of being able to say what you want as a comedian, and Shane’s love of performing standup.

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