Rob Reiner and Xzibit with Tammy Pettigrew

Rob Reiner and Xzibit with Tammy Pettigrew



Xzibit and Tammy Pettigrew on Cannabis and Hip Hop + Rob Reiner on JFK Assassination



Adam and Chris start the show talking about Lauryn Hill’s recent Los Angeles concert where she was 2 hours late. Adam then shares a story about a lizard and the guys complain about killing spiders.


Next, Xzibit and Tammy Pettigrew join the show to talk about cannabis culture and business. Xzibit also shares stories about driving in the Gumball 3000 and his time hosting Pimp my Ride. Xzibit recalls his upbringing and estrangement from his abusive stepmother, and how he uses that experience to shape the way he raises his own kids. Chris shares a news story about the Simpsons retiring the ‘Homer choking Bart’ gag then Xzibit talks about meeting Eminem and what he hates about hip hop today.


Lastly, Rob Reiner joins the show to chat about his new podcast on the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Adam recalls an old Partridge Family featuring Rob and the guys compliment Rob on his thorough memory. Finally, the guys discuss the sharing of information today and how it’s changed throughout the years


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For more with Rob Reiner:

  • He co-hosts the new series “Who Killed JFK?” from iHeartPodcasts, alongside journalist Soledad O’Brien


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