Richard Grieco

Richard Grieco

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Show Summary

Adam opens the show talking about how recently Sonny and Natalia have switched their views of Adam. Now Natalia seems to love everything he does, whereas Sonny could care less. The guys also watch part of Adam’s winning race at the Toyota Grand Prix, and go through the list of worst airports in the nation (LAX is number 2). On the phones, Adam talks to a cop about profiling, and gives another caller advice on following up after a first date.

Richard Grieco steps into the studio next, and Adam asks him about his journey to stardom. The guys discuss playing college football, working with Johnny Depp, and watching the recent remake of 21 Jump Street. Alison then goes through the news, with stories including David Alan Grier’s Tony nomination in Porgy and Bess, Jessica Simpson giving birth, and a man suing BMW for giving him an erection. As the show wraps up, the group talks about a guy who tried to sneak turtles into the US, and Richard’s TV series, ‘Gigolos.’


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Toyota Celebrity Grand Prix
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Producer: Mike Dawson
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Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
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Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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