Rich Eisen and David Wild

Rich Eisen and David Wild

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Adam opens the show with David Wild in studio. David will be writing for the upcoming Billboard Music Awards, and Adam recalls when he hosted that show over a decade ago. He also talks about completing the audiobook today, and rants about coleslaw. David and Adam then exchange some great songs, and discuss the best live bands they’ve ever seen. Later, Adam talks to a caller about Santana, and jokes with David about Lenny Kravitz and Prince.

Rich Eisen joins the podcast next, and talks to Adam about some of the craziness going on in the NFL. They discuss the weird way team owners dress, and also recall the old Ancient Chinese Secret commercial. Further discussing the NFL, the guys chat about Junior Seau, Randy Moss, and the competition between Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow.

In the news, Alison plays a clip from the Colombian prostitute in the secret service scandal. They also discuss a 13-year-old boy playing hockey on a girls team, and Alex Trebek’s pending retirement. As the show wraps up, Rich talks about his new reality show, ‘The Great Escape.’


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Ancient Chinese Secret
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Deacon Jones
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Secret Service Prostitute Scandal

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