Ray Romano, Tom Caltabiano and Teresa Strasser

Ray Romano, Tom Caltabiano and Teresa Strasser

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As the show opens up, Adam recalls his interactions with Jill Zarin, and their imaginary TV show ‘Hot Cup of Jill with Ace Over Easy.’ Teresa Strasser is also in studio, and jumps right into her list of the Parents of the Week. Along the way they discuss foster kids, the bartender code, and the use of Adam’s ceramics skills. They also talk about confrontations with cops, and Adam recalls some scary parents growing up.

Ray Romano and Tom Caltabiano join the studio next, and Adam talks with them about their new documentary, ’95 Miles To Go.’ Adam asks Ray about his infamous ‘mind bets,’ and they also commiserate over corporate gigs and segment producers who don’t approve of their jokes. Ray also relates to the difficulties of recording an audiobook, and the guys listen to an exclusive clip from Not Taco Bell Material.

In the news, Obama was recently on The View. The guys in studio play along to the same pop culture quiz that Obama took, and try to bet on the answers. The guys also discuss the differences between men and women’s sex dreams. Also in the news, Jay-Z and Manny Pacquiao have both expressed their opposing views of gay marriage. The last news story is about Amazon’s list of best-read cities, and show wraps up with a conversation about the trappings of fame and more stories about making the doc.


95 Miles To Go is out on DVD this Tuesday, May 22nd. Be sure to click through our Amazon link.

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