Phil Collen

Phil Collen

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The show opens with Adam and the gang sharing their love of the game ‘Blah Blah Blog’. Alison talks about her new life cohabitating with her boyfriend, and the guys discuss how gross it is to smell burps. Bryan also talks about a wild bachelor party, and the guys play their beloved Blah Blah Blog.

Adam then welcomes Phil Collen to the show and talks with him about the early days of Def Leppard. They also discuss drummer Rick Allen, and Adam recalls some bizarre music videos where A&M Records doubled as an exotic location. In the news, Alison discusses the dangers of trampolines. The guys also talk about the drop in cars purchased by 18-34 year olds, and the consideration of micro-apartments in San Francisco. As the show wraps up, Adam talks with Phil about the Goodwood Festival.


Grab your copy of the Man Raze album by visiting Or you can follow today’s guest on Twitter @PhilKCollen.


The Police – Wrapped Around Your Finger
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The Tubes – She’s A Beauty
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