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Part 2: Patty Smyth talks Eddie Van Halen, and Jim Grey joins All Balls All Sports (ACS Oct 8)



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Adam opens today’s podcast lamenting the fact that no one will listen to him despite his success. Teresa Strasser is also on the line, explaining why she tends to take Adam’s advice, and the guys go on to take a phone call about Paris Hilton’s claims of abuse. Adam then shares a video of Rick Moranis getting punched by a stranger, and talks to Bryan and Teresa about his shawarma shenanigans. Later, Teresa begins the news with a follow up on Rick Moranis, and they also comment on stories about the death of Van Halen, a library worker who embezzled $1.3 million, and votes on the most iconic Halloween movies.

Patty Smyth joins the show, and the conversation begins with talk about life in Malibu. They also talk about Patty being asked to tour with Van Halen back in the day, as well as her marriage to John McEnroe. Along the way Adam brings up some of his favorite tracks, and the guys also discuss the plans for touring once the pandemic ends. In the last part of the show, Jim Gray joins along with Jeff Cesario for today’s All Balls All Sports. They discuss Jim’s new book, ‘Taking to GOATs’, as well as some of the incredible sports moments he witnessed. As the show wraps up, they talk about the death of Ayrton Senna, how helmet technology saves NFL players’ lives, and the pursuit of perfection.

Patty’s new album, ‘It’s About Time’ is available tomorrow. You can get more info at and follow her on Twitter @PattySmyth4Real


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