Lynette Carolla

Lynette Carolla is the wife of comedian, radio personality, television host and director Adam Carolla. Lynette hosts her own podcast on parenting called For Crying Out Loud with co-creator Stephanie Wilder-Taylor, which is in the top 5 list of Family Podcasts in iTunes. 

She also aids her husband in managing a successful podcast radio network called Carolla Digital (formerly ACE Broadcasting Network). It airs The Adam Carolla Show, Ace on The House, This Week with Larry Miller and Sunday School with Penn Jillette.

She is also the founder, CEO and Brand Ambassador of Carolla Drinks, which brews and supplies their famous “Endless Rant IPA”. Carolla Drinks also produces Adam’s popular original cocktail recipe called the “Mangria”, or Sangria for men. It comes in 3 varieties: Mangria Original Orange, Mangria White Peach & Pear, and Mangria Brose´.