Orny Adams and RJ Bell

Orny Adams and RJ Bell





Show Summary

At the top of today’s podcast, Adam gives an update on his latest conversation with Natalia about the school’s volleyball team. He also shares an observation with Bryan and Gina about roofies, and Bald Bryan talks about his epic odyssey trying to get to the water park during the cruise. Next up, RJ Bell calls in to discuss the latest goal post controversy, as well as RJ’s Parlay for this upcoming weekend of games.

Orny Adams joins the show as Bald Bryan reviews ‘The Joker’ for this week’s Baldywood. Adam and Orny then talk about the current state of standup, as well as persevering after getting beat down by show business. Later, Orny shares a story about seeing legendary guitarist Buddy Guy in New Orleans, and Adam recalls the limo he used to own.

Gina begins today’s news talking about Matt Lauer’s response to the latest claims that he sexually assaulted someone.  Other news stories involve the DMV, power lines being shut down to stop forest fires, and Alec Baldwin getting burned in a Statue of Liberty scam. As the show wraps up, the guys discuss Antonio Brown wanting to rejoin The Patriots, and a pizza so spicy you need to sign a waiver. Be sure to stick around for today’s Good Sports, with Adam and Dave Dameshek.

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