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Nick Hexum, Jordan Harbinger, and Banks Bracket Madness

Nick Hexum, Jordan Harbinger, and Banks Bracket Madness

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Bald Bryan opens the top of the show asking Adam about a home improvement question. Then Gina talks about having to register her home security system, which leads to Adam complaining about city regulations. After that Adam talks about a video of Presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke apologizing for a comment he made regarding his wife doing the lion share of raising their children. Jordan Harbinger then calls in to discuss the need for hard work even with incredible talent in this week’s “Harbinger Of Success”.

Up next, enjoy a new round of Banks Bracket Madness.

311 lead singer Nick Hexum joins the gang in-studio to talk about the new documentary 311: Enlarged to Show Detail Part 3. He also talks about the time he delivered his own infant daughter at home with no other help around.

Gina begins the news talking about Wendy Williams revealing that she’s been living at a sober living home. Then she does a story about Honey Boo Boo’s mom getting arrested for drug possession. After that, a story confirming Lauren Sanchez’s brother selling the nude photos of Jeff Bezos, along with Mike Trout earning the biggest contract in MLB history. Before they wrap, Gina does stories on Fyre Festival refunds, a Stevie Van Zandt hologram, and a plane needing to do an emergency landing due to the toilet not working.

Check out the 311 documentary 311: Enlarged to Show Detail Part 3 coming soon to Video On Demand, 311 summer tour dates available at 311.com, and follow Nick on twitter @NickHexum

Also visit http://jordanharbinger.com, and follow him on Twitter @JordanHarbinger.




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