Morgan Spurlock

Morgan Spurlock

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Adam welcomes Teresa Strasser to the show and talks with her about her pregnancy. He also discusses the importance of square footage when raising a family, and rants about Villaretardo raising the fines of parking tickets. Teresa then chimes in with Parents of the Week, including stories of incest and underage cell phone pics.

Morgan Spurlock joins the podcast next, and talks with Adam about his new documentary, ‘Mansome.’ Adam talks about his appearance in the film, alongside a great cast of interviewees, and the guys discuss the history of manscaping and beard championships. Later they talk about the ease of making and distributing your own film, and why The Beastmaster is not-so-secretly homoerotic.

In the news, Maurice Sendak, author of Where The Wild Things Are, has passed away. Adam rants about him being a good illustrator but a terrible writer, and also talks about the work of Dr. Seuss. The next story is about the death of artist Thomas Kinkade. As the show wraps up, the guys discuss John Travolta being sued by several masseurs for trying to have sex with them during his massage.



Check out Mansome, in theaters May 18th. You can get more info at

Also be sure to visit and tweet her at @TeresaStrasser


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