Morgan Jay and Dr. Gary Marcus

Morgan Jay and Dr. Gary Marcus


Sharing a Bed with Morgan Jay and AI Chat with Dr. Gary Marcus + News on Andy Warhol and Meghan Markle


Adam welcomes Chris back from paternity leave and hears the story of his son’s birth. They debate the logic of the cord cutting ritual before talking about the hospital security measures to prevent baby stealing and how naming a baby is harder today than it used to be. Comedian and musician Morgan Jay joins them and hears the problem with Adam’s shower which leads to a debate if Adam’s maid hates him. Morgan explains what it’s like to play music while performing comedy and breaks out his guitar to show them how it’s done. 

Next, Chris reports the news including: Andy Warhol getting in a copyright dispute over a portrait of Prince, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle saying they were in a car chase with the paparazzi, and a student suing her school for removing a feather from her cap at her graduation. Finally, psychologist and AI expert Dr. Gary Marcus talks to Adam about the dangers of “counterfeit people”, the need for new policies on artificial intelligence, and what the future of AI may lead us to.


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