Matthew Broussard

Matthew Broussard




Show Summary

The gang discusses the Fed’s interest hike, liberal vs conservative bumper stickers, and Biden’s remarks at his Pride press event. Gina shows them Hershey’s new pride campaign, or rather HerSHEy’s new pride campaign.

Comedian Matthew Broussard comes in the studio to talk about his podcast ‘She Does Standup Too?’ which he does with his girlfriend who recently started doing standup. Matthew and the gang discuss woman who have both a business mode and a crack a beer mode and what the vibrator vs dildo ratio is for your mother’s sock drawer. Gina Grad reports the news of today including: Gavin Newsom joining truth social, Mike Tyson explaining why he hit that guy on the plane, and Flippy the robot making his way into fast food restaurants.

See Matthew Broussard live at Rumor’s Comedy Club in Winnipeg, July 19 through 23

Check out Matthew’s podcast, ‘She Does Standup Too?’ available wherever you listen to podcasts

And follow him on Instagram and Twitter, @MondayPunday





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Executive Producer: Chris Laxamana & Mike August
Audio Engineer: Mike Dawson
Writer: Mike Lynch
Technical Director: Emi Funes
Post Producer: Gary Smith
News: Gina Grad
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop