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Matt Besser and David Wild

Matt Besser and David Wild

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Show Summary

Adam opens the show talking about his evening at Phil Rosenthal’s house enjoying a new Bob Marley documentary. David Wild is also in studio, and tells his own Bob Marley story, as well as why he’s not legally allowed to return to Jamaica. Adam then talks about the strangeness of the Rastafarian movement, and why religious fanatics are hypocrites. Before the break, the guys also introduce some songs you probably haven’t heard before, but should.

Matt Besser sits down next, and recalls meeting Adam during a Comedy Central commercial taping. The guys also talk about the roots of the UCB Theater, and working with comedians like Amy Poehler and Horatio Sanz. Later, Matt talks about doing LSD at Disneyland, and Adam explains to Alison the experience of being on shrooms. The guys also discuss Matt’s new movie, ‘Freak Dance.’

Alison opens the news by analyzing several clips from Jimmy Kimmel’s speech at the White House Correspondent’s dinner. They also talk about a female dentist in Poland who pulled out all of her ex-boyfriend’s teeth, and the sale of the world’s oldest beer. Adam recalls his own tour of the Coors factory, and also comments on a story about a newborn fawn being found on someone’s doorstep. As the show wraps up, the guys discuss why hobos don’t have cats, the trauma of walking in on your parents, and shaming flight attendants for not doing their jobs.


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Obama Speech
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Kimmel Speech
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Newborn Fawn
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Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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