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Part 1: Kirstie Alley Talks Cancel Culture, Scientology, and Kicking Cocaine (ACS Aug 17)




Show Summary

Kirstie Alley joins Adam for a 1-on-1 interview right at the top of the show. Adam begins by asking her about her experience on Dancing with the Stars, as well as her upbringing and strange career path before becoming a working actor. Kirstie then talks about her first time meeting John Travolta, and flashes back to how she developed a cocaine habit, as well as how Scientology helped her get her life back on track. Other topics of conversation include Kirstie’s role on Cheers, her work ethic, and struggling with weight fluctuations over the years. Later they talk about Cancel Culture, how their politics have shifted, and reactions to the #metoo movement. After a quick break, they talk about the importance of context when taking in news headlines, flirting on and off the set of Cheers, and Kirstie’s appearance on The Love Boat.

As this half of today’s podcast begins, Adam continues his Love Boat conversation with Kirstie Alley. They also chat about the over-politicization of everything, Kirstie’s quest to drive the country and find a farm to live on, and the importance of Kirstie’s charity work. As the interview wraps up, Adam asks Kirstie for her thoughts on Coronavirus, dealing with grief, and not being a victim. Stick around for today’s Good Sports with Adam and Dave Dameshek.

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