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Kirk Cameron




Show Summary

Adams talks about teaching practical skills in school, his problem with the Waze app, and his theory on how to fix LA’s traffic flow problem. They hear a new song from Rich Banks about Gina’s breast reduction. Chris steps in to host ‘Trending Topics’ and covers President Bush’s slip up, racist Lyft passengers, the BLM IRS issue, and a crowd coming together to stop a moving car after the driver fell asleep.  

Kirk Cameron joins the gang to talk about his new documentary, ‘The Homeschool Awakening’ and recounts growing up on ‘Growing Pains’. Gina Grad reports the news of the day including: the Gwyneth Paltrow diaper prank, Bill Cosby going back to trial, Martin Shkreli & Billy McFarland getting released from prison, and Apple facing a lawsuit because of an amber alert causing hearing loss.

Check out Kirk Cameron’s new documentary, ‘The Home School Awakening’, in select theatres June 13th and 14th – visit to learn more

Check out his show, ‘Takeaways with Kirk Cameron’ available on the Trinity Broadcasting Network

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Executive Producer: Chris Laxamana & Mike August
Audio Engineer: Mike Dawson
Writer: Mike Lynch
Technical Director: Emi Funes
Post Producer: Gary Smith
News: Gina Grad
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop