Jonny Loquasto and Peter Facinelli

Jonny Loquasto and Peter Facinelli



Jonny Loquasto on Being a Fat Kid & San Francisco Cleanup + Peter Facinelli on SAG and Not Shotokan Karate



Comedian Jonny Loquasto joins the show as the guys watch Tisha Campbell’s viral video of her uncovering her late-father’s extensive porn collection. This leads to Adam reminding the guys about his disposal service, Rest Assured. Next, the guys chat about some things Adam came across at a Barstow Walmart and Jonny recalls his childhood where he was a fat kid. Chris then shares some news stories about San Francisco’s swift homeless cleanup, a major Los Angeles freeway burning down, Bill Burr’s wife flipping Trump the bird, and a sheriff upset with Target’s loss prevention policies.


Lastly, Peter Facinelli joins the show to talk about his new film “On Fire” and the SAF-AFTRA strike ending. He and Adam also laugh about some of their favorite Crank Yankers moments.


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