Jonathan Kite + Maria Kanellis

Jonathan Kite + Maria Kanellis




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Adam revisits the late John Pinette’s infamous Chinese buffet bit. The gang takes a look at some ‘Liked Tweets’ including the LA Unified School District promoting a ‘food neutrality’ video and the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition saying not to call the police about stolen bikes. Professional wrestler, Maria Kanellis, comes on the show and shares some stories and insight into how women in wrestling have evolved over the years and what it feels like to get super kicked in the head. They talk about Vince McMahon’s chin, David Arquette, ‘The Genius’ and ‘Bad News Brown’. Adam remembers the time he wrestled as ‘the Calligrapher’ where Jimmy Kimmel was injured in a scrotum costume.

Actor and comedian, Jonathan Kite, returns to the show where he tries his hand at an Adam Carolla impression and explains the difference between doing impressions and voice matching. He joins them for a round of ‘Made Up Movie’ while impersonating Paul Giamatti. Gina Grad reports the news of the day including: VP Kamala Harris’ ‘Meet the Press’ appearance, and Jimmy Kimmel getting slammed for ‘upstaging’ Quinta Brunson’s Emmy acceptance speech.

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