Jim Gray

Jim Gray




Part 1: Thoughts on Jeffrey Toobin, The Super Bowl, and The Future of Concerts (ACS Nov 13)




Part 2: Jim Gray on Talking to GOATs, and the Pursuit of Perfection (ACS Nov 13)



Show Summary

Adam opens today’s podcast talking to Bryan and Gina about the way the Jeffrey Toobin story was covered on both sides of the political spectrum. From there, the guys re-enact a scene of Toobin bumping into old family friends at the airport. Gina then reads news stories about The Weeknd performing at the Super Bowl halftime show, and attempts at making up revenue lost during this year’s NFL season. Before the break, the guys talk about the NBA reopening next month, crazy COVID policies in the NFL, and Gina reads one more news story about Ticketmaster’s possible new COVID policy.

Jim Gray is on the show next, and Adam begins his 1-on-1 conversation by asking Jim about Tom Brady, as well as other incredible athletes Jim spoke with for his new book. They go to discuss Brady’s dedication to being at the top of his game, which leads to a conversation about Floyd Mayweather and the pursuit of perfection. Later Adam asks Jim about some of the best boxing matches he ever covered, and they go on to talk about how Mike Tyson has returned to form. As the conversation wraps up, the guys circle back to the greatness of Tom Brady.

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