Jill Zarin

Jill Zarin

Adam and Jill Zarin

Adam and Jill Zarin

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Show Summary

As the show opens, Adam talks about a unique way to get out of work when you first start a new job. Alison then starts the news discussing the list of Top Fail Moments of 2011. The guys talk about Anthony Weiner, Lindsay Lohan, and Casey Anthony; then Adam talks about a bad sports bar he visited while on the road with August. Later, Adam rants about the song ‘Simply Irresistible,’ and plays a round of What Can’t Adam Complain About: Holiday Edition.

Jill Zarin joins the podcast next, and she and Adam recall their first interaction on Andy Cohen’s show. Jill tells the story of how she wound up on Real Housewives, and she and Adam joke about the differences between Italians and Jews. Adam and Jill then attempt another round of What Can’t Adam Complain About, and discuss how real reality TV actually is.

In the last part of the show, Adam and Jill plan what their new Daytime TV show would be like, and Adam complains about Tyra Banks. Alison then wraps the show with news stories about naughty/nice brands, Jennifer Anniston, and whether or not there are too many Best Of lists online.


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Tyra Banks


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