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Adam begins the show sharing a clip of ‘Leave it to Beaver.’ He compares its classic premise to that of a current news story involving a Canadian shop teacher wearing giant prosthetic breasts to class. Next, the gang welcomes Jewel to the program to chat about her humble beginnings as a homeless musician and her unusual journey to stardom.  Jewel also shares her thoughts on the music business during her early years and tells a fun story about opening for Bob Dylan.

Author and advocate Charlotte Laws joins the show to talk about being featured in “The Most Hated Man on the Internet” and her fight against revenge porn. She also recalls her three-year relationship with Tom Jones.  Gina then reports news stories about Tommy Lee joining OnlyFans, Byron Allen suing McDonald’s, and Steph Curry getting a billion-dollar endorsement deal.

Jewel’s upcoming record Freewheelin’ Woman will be available on vinyl October 21.

For more with Charlotte, follow her on Twitter @CharlotteLaws.


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