Jeff Cesario & Ami Horowitz

Jeff Cesario & Ami Horowitz




Part 1: Ami Horowitz on Occupy City Hall NY, plus Listener calls (ACS June 30)




Part 2: Jeff Cesario as Chet Waterhouse, plus the News (ACS June 30)



Show Summary

At the top of today’s show, the guys go through their birthdays to see who shares the date with the best celebs. Ami Horowitz then calls in from New York after just returning from an Occupy City Hall demonstration. He goes on to talk about media malpractice, and the guys commiserate about growing up in North Hollywood. Adam then asks Ami about highlights from his career path, and the guys go on to talk about his experience working as an investment banker on Wall Street. Later, the guys talk with callers about leftover rules, and Adam recalls an awkward conversation he had with his mom about ‘healthy granola’. Before the break, he talks with more callers about his education level, and the passing of Benny Mardones.

Jeff Cesario is on the line next, and Adam talks to him about his life decision to become a comedian, and the new standup/sketch show he’s been working on. Chet Waterhouse then chimes in this week’s Sports Report. Up next, the guys watch a video of Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest publicity stunt. Gina also reads news stories about Cam Newton, Colin Kaepernick, and a new biopic of Aretha Franklin starring Jennifer Hudson. Later they talk about Jenna Marbles getting ‘cancelled’, and the show wraps up with a conversation about ‘Karens’ losing their minds over facemask rules.

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