Jay Mohr + Linda Hamilton

Jay Mohr + Linda Hamilton




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Adam finished watching ‘The Last Movie Stars’ docuseries on HBO following the lives of Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward and wonders why they skipped over Paul’s racing career. The gang breaks down who had better hair, a young Paul Newman or a young Robert Redford. Linda Hamilton joins the show to talk about her series ‘Resident Alien’, getting stung by killer bees, dealing with a ghost in her guest room, living in New Orleans, her obsession with ‘Words with Friends’, and playing Sarah Connor in ‘The Terminator’ franchise.

Comedian Jay Mohr returns to the show and talks to the gang about how he used to coach wresting on speed and how he’s thankful to be sober and feeling great despite looking like the dad from ‘The Incredibles’. They look at a porn intro from adult film director, Bobby Hollander, and Jay goes on a long riff as an old timey news reporter doing the same. They look at the storied career of adult film actress Nina Hartley and Jay tells the story of visiting Seymore Butts on the set of a porno. Gina Grad reports the news to today including: the death of Olivia Newton-John and Kanye West reacting to Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s breakup.

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