Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller

Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller

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Adam opens the show discussing the charity event he participated in this weekend, and the cranky couple sitting in the front row. He also chats about seeing his kids’ baseball game over the weekend, and trying to get them and their muddy sports equipment into the super expensive car he’s driving. Later, the gang checks out their Megan’s Law statistics to see which staff member has the most sex offenders living nearby.

Adam then jumps to the phones and talks to a caller about whether or not he’d ever use his family for a Reality TV show. After the break, Adam hears an original Dick Banks song about his Passion Fruit Allergy campaign, and welcomes Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller to the studio. The guys chat about his training regiment, getting in trouble with PETA, and the new documentary about a day in the life of an MMA fighter.

In the news, more details were released about the contents of Whitney Houston’s system at the time of her death. The gang also talks about March Madness, and Jimmy Kimmel hosting the upcoming Emmys. Also in the news, Twitter is celebrating its sixth birthday, and Adam recalls some of the great Kimmel pranks from throughout the years. The show wraps up with a discussion of ultraviolent PG-13 movies, and kids camped out for The Hunger Games.


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