Jack Carr

Jack Carr



Part 1: Lost Keys, Exploding Wine, and Dr. Drew’s Near Death Experience (ACS May 7)




Part 2: Jack Carr talks Afghanistan, Sniper Weapon Systems, and Chris Pratt; plus The News (ACS May 7)



Show Summary

Adam opens today’s pod with some sad, personal news. He then reads a crazy text he got from John Popper, and the guys go on to discuss our nation’s relationship with guns. From there, Adam breaks down an experience he had losing his keys, as well as having a magnum sized bottle of wine explode in his car. Before the break, Adam tells the guys about a restaurant shooting that Dr. Drew witnessed firsthand, and Dawson reads an article about a drug called ivermectin.

Navy SEAL and Author Jack Carr is on the show next, and Adam asks him about his time commanding a platoon in the Philippines, as well as commanding a Special Operations Task Unit in southern Iraq. Jack also answers questions about sniper weapon systems, how ‘American Sniper’ got it right or wrong, and the war in Afghanistan. Later he discusses balancing the military with his family, and having one of his books adapted into a TV series. In the last part of the show, Gina reads news stories about the burning of the Minneapolis Police Department Third Precinct last year, love letters from JFK going up for auction, a small border dispute between France and Belgium, a Peleton recall, and the US birth rate falling.  

Get Jack’s book, ‘The Devil’s Hand’ available now on Amazon. You can also get more info at http://officialjackcarr.com, and follow him on Twitter @JackCarrUSA.


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