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As the show opens up, Adam recalls his Loveline days, and the times that Hoobastank guested on the show. He then talks about a hilarious incident involving Gary Full Tard, and is reminded of the classic Kevin Nealon wine spill story. The guys also speak about the first round of presidential debates, and Adam makes an argument for why the candidates need to focus on different issues.

Next up, Hoobastank enters the studio, and Adam talks with them about the new business model of selling music. The guys also discuss their roots in Agoura Hills, and play a new song live. Later they talk about performing totally drunk at an event for Jose Cuervo tequila. Alison then opens the news with more commentary on the presidential debates, and an investigation into the TSA regarding theft. As the show wraps up, the guys talk about answering your phone during sex, LEB light bulbs, and Ellen DeGeneres being honored for her contributions to comedy.


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Debate Education
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Romney Big Bird
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Huell Howser
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