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Adam’s explains how his dog seems immune to thunder and lightning and Gina recaps seeing the new play, ‘King James’. The gang takes a deep dive into the Mark Taper Forum before looking at a black power afro pick sculpture. Actor Thomas Jane joins Adam to talk about his new movie ‘Murder at Yellowstone City’ and tells the story of how he dropped out of high school and lived out of his car to pursue acting. He explains how ‘The Blair Witch’ opening the same weekend as ‘Deep Blue Sea’ changed the course of the film industry and talks about his experiences working with Paul Thomas Anderson and Richard Dreyfuss.

Comedian Hannah Berner of ‘Summer House’ fame comes in the studio and gives her thoughts on how drunk people thrive in reality TV environments, how bridesmaid parties are essentially a cult, and why diarrhea gets a bad rap. Gina Grad reports the news of today including: Bill Cosby having to pay $500K in damages, Deshaun Watson settling 20 lawsuits against him, and “lawnmower Karen” doing yard work during a wedding ceremony.

Check out Thomas Jane’s new movie ‘Murder at Yellowstone City’ in theaters and on VOD June 24th

And check him out on Twitter, @ThomasJane

See Hannah Berner live:

Warburg Lounge – New York, NY – June 28

Troubadour – West Hollywood – August 7

Helium Comedy Club – Portland, OR – August 10

Check out Hannah’s podcasts ‘Berning in Hell’ & ‘Giggly Squad’ available wherever you listen to finer podcasts

And follow her on Instagram, @HannahBerner 






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