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Greg Fitzsimmons



Greg Fitzsimmons + News on Chris Rock’s Special, King Charles Rejections, and Daylight Savings Time (ACS March 7)





Show Summary

Greg Fitzsimmons is back in the studio and has some thoughts on the upcoming coronation of King Charles. Adam and Greag get into dogs eating tampons, the death of Tom Sizemore, and Chris Rock’s new special, Next, they take some listener calls from a fan who rode his bike into a homeless booby trap and another with a new book idea. Next the guys hear some trending news stories including: a bill to make Daylight Saving Time permanent getting reintroduced, a preview of the 2023 Oscars swag bag, Ford patenting a car that can repossess itself, a man who can summon crows, a successful uterus transplant in Australia, unclogging drains going viral on TikTok, and Utah encouraging people to hunt bullfrogs.

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