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Adam welcomes back Jodi Miller who is sitting in for Gina today.  Deaf Frat Guy also joins in studio and laments over Gina’s breast reduction surgery. Next, the gang plays a round of JV or All Balls.  Adam then welcomes writer and professor, Matt Sienkiewicz, to discuss his new book, “That’s Not Funny: How the Right Makes Comedy Work for Them.” They talk about Greg Gutfeld’s rise in the ratings, why SNL went so far to the left, and how COVID drew a line that changed comedy.

Comedian Greg Fitzsimmons joins the show to talk about the fantasy vs. reality of workshopping new material.  He then brings up his son’s shoddy college radio show and their most memorable jingles. Greg and Jodi tell their stories of how they met Quentin Tarantino and how much the director seems to hate his parents. Jodi Miller reports on today’s news stories including: Bill Murray’s film shutdown, the 47-time sperm donor no one will date, Wynonna and Ashley Judd at the Country Music Hall of Fame induction, and Jennifer Grey speaking out against Johnny Depp.

Check out Matt Sienkiewicz’ new book: That’s Not Funny: How the Right Makes Comedy Work for Them. and connect with him on Twitter: @MediaStudied.

Check out Greg Fitzsimmons’ podcasts, Fitzdog Radio & Sunday Papers and connect with him on Twitter: @GregFitzShow.

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